We strive to show distinctive, characteristic coffees that complete all corners of the flavour universe in coffee. Accordingly, we do not merely carry coffees from a variety of countries. All coffees have been traded in direct contact with the farmers, with full traceability, fresh harvests, some from single fields – and all of them with fantastic flavours in common.

  • Akmel Nuri

    Akmel Nuri's farm looks more like a forest than anything else. Following organic principles, the coffee trees grow wild in the thick forest, with shade trees bending beautifully over the coffee trees, protecting them and providing nourishment.

    Akmel's coffee is natural processed, meaning that the entire coffee cherry is dried, until the pulp is a hard shell. It gives the coffee more body and a lower acidity than the washed process.

  • Finca Alasitas Caturra

    Alasitas is owned and operated by Pedro Rodriguez, his daughter Daniela and son Pedro Pablo, who are also the family behind the mill Finca Buena Vista. Daniela Rodriguez (pictured) explains: “Finca Alasitas is an example of a sustainable farm for the producers in the region. On the farm we have a nursery where we are developing new varieties and new flavors".

  • Finca Buena Vista

    Finca Buena Vista is owned by the Rodrigues family who has been central in the development of speciality coffee in Bolivia. This organic coffee was harvested in Aug-Sep 2016 by ten farmers in the Bolinda area. The farmers deliver cherries to the Finca Buena Vista wet and dry mill to be depulped, fermented and washed with great meticulousness.

  • Kieni

    Situated in the heart of Kenya, between Mount Kenya and the Aberdare mountain range, the land around Kieni is lushy green with deep red soil beneath.
    The Kieni wet mill is part of the Mugaga society and managed by Josphat Kariuki. We’ve visited and bought from them every year since 2010 and continue to be impressed with their very high quality. This lot is of SL28 and SL34 varieties and was harvested in November 2016.

Espresso blends

Our two espresso blends are composed of coffees from the farmers above and always transparent in their composition. Like a chef loves to play with ingredients to create flavors, we blend for espresso to present two very different and unique experiences.

  • Espresso 1

    This is our take on a completely wild, aromatic and juicy espresso. With this blend we let ourselves go a little crazy in order to create the best espresso ever. Roasted with a light espresso profile so that the flavors and fruity tastes really come into play

  • Espresso 2

    Espresso 2 is composed of coffee from three producers that we buy directly from. All three coffees are cultivated with incredible meticulousness resulting in a very clean and sweet taste. We're roasting the coffees individually with a medium-dark espresso profile to achieve an optimal balance between aroma, sweetness and acidity.