We strive to show distinctive, characteristic coffees that complete all corners of the flavour universe in coffee. Accordingly, we do not merely carry coffees from a variety of countries. All coffees have been traded in direct contact with the farmers, with full traceability, fresh harvests, some from single fields – and all of them with fantastic flavours in common.

  • Finca Vista Hermosa

    Edwin Martinez’ farm is situated in the western Guatemala at 1.600 – 1.900 masl. We’ve visited and bought from Edwin since 2007, when it was our first Direct Trade coffee.

  • Jaime Casallas

    Jamie Casallas own the farm El Prado with 4 Ha coffee trees. He mostly grows the Arabica variety Caturra, which is very sweet and round. Jamie’s farm is at 1.560 meters elevation. To ensure a stabile temperature during fermentation, he has built walls surrounding his fermentation- and washing tanks.

  • La Esmeralda Special

    La Esmeralda Special is probably the wildest, most aromatic coffee in the world. The Peterson’s grow this Geisha variety, which has an amazingly intense floral aroma. The coffee cherries are depulped and mechanically demucilated. The best lots of the Esmeralda are called Special and are sold on auction, but we've been allowed to buy a small lot before the auction.

  • San Fermin

    San Fermin represents a small group of organic coffee farmers in Tolima, Colombia. This lot is from 9 small farmers who each have 3 - 8 hectares land and their own wet mill. The farmers are primarily growing the Caturra variety

  • Tegu

    Tegu is a wet mill located between Mount Kenya and the Aberdare mountains. We've visited Tegu since the first time we were in Kenya in 2007. We're happy to be able, again this year, to present this amazing coffee. The wet mill is managed by Michael Mwangi. Here, the freshly picked coffee cherries, of the SL28 and SL34 varieties, are delivered and then processed by the washed method.

Espresso blends

Our two espresso blends are composed of coffees from the farmers above and always transparent in their composition. Like a chef loves to play with ingredients to create flavors, we blend for espresso to present two very different and unique experiences.

  • Espresso 1

    This is our take on a completely wild, aromatic and juicy espresso. With this blend we let ourselves go a little crazy in order to create the best espresso ever. Roasted with a light espresso profile so that the flavors and fruity tastes really come into play

  • Espresso 2

    Espresso 2 is composed of coffee from three producers that we buy directly from. All three coffees are cultivated with incredible meticulousness resulting in a very clean and sweet taste. We're roasting the coffees individually with a medium-dark espresso profile to achieve an optimal balance between aroma, sweetness and acidity.