Presenting the Variety Garden
A box showcasing a series of single coffee varieties has been a dream of ours for a number of years. Finally, together with Finca Vista Hermosa we are able to present the Variety Garden. A box of 10 selected single varieties. Here is a unique chance to taste something special.
Vista Hermosa Variety Garden
26.09.2021Klaus Thomsen

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All of the varieties are grown in the same soil, at same altitude, in the same microclimate and they are all washed processed and patio dried. We’ve also roasted them to the same end degree. Eliminating all other factors this is a distillation of the impact of variety has on the flavour.

Having cupped all 19 varieties for the past years, we have been really excited about experiencing the different flavours and seeing how each of them would perform in a given year. But until now the production has been so small that we couldn’t do a production roast of each. This year, they are finally at a yield, where we have enough to create a limited edition of 125 boxes, which will only be for sale online as pre-orders. We’ll roast and ship them all on Oct 14th, and there will only be one chance to get in on this.

The box contains 10 jars of 45 g coffee with each variety clearly marked. That’s enough coffee that you can both put up a cupping of all the varieties and still have enough to brew half a liter (or two cups) of each of them to enjoy. 

The varieties are: Sarchimor, Anacafe #14, Caturra Rojo, Catimor Rojo, Catimor Castillo, Maragogype, Pacamara, Pache Rojo, Geisha and San Ramon. 

We’ve included some more information about the varieties inside the beautiful box, made by Hans Knudsen Institutet, who are providing people outside the regular work market with job opportunities and a place in society. We hope you’ll reuse both the box and the jars for coffee, food or spices afterwards. 

The pack will only be for sale as pre-orders online from Sept 28th. We will roast and ship the boxes two weeks later on Oct 14th. And you’ll get all this for just DKK 450,- 

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