In our opinion, sustainability in coffee starts with financial sustainability for the farmers. To make a difference, we believe that we have to start with ourselves by making coffee experiences that contributes to this development.

Transparency Report

While sipping on a cappuccino, have you ever wondered, how many hands have been involved in the journey of that cup of coffee?

It's a number that can be difficult to figure out. The coffee supply chain, like many others, often lacks transparency. At Coffee Collective, we've given a lot of thought to the individuals involved in the process of transforming coffee beans from a cherry to a roasted bean. Every day, we strive to share their stories and enhance the transparency of the coffee supply chain.

We have laid out all the numbers for you.

Direct Trade

We source coffee directly from the farmer for two main reasons. To guarantee we get the best green beans, and to make sure the farmer is rewarded for the high quality coffee.

It is actually quite simple. For the farmer to continue to produce specialty coffee, he or she should be paid extra for the hard work.

Quality Bonus and Transparency

We wish to give you the facts behind the coffee you buy. On each bag you can see who produced it and the Quality Bonus for the particular coffee. The Quality Bonus is what we have paid above the market price to the farmer, as the quality is higher than regular coffee. See the exact price for each coffee all the way to the farmer in our Sustainability Report. That is transparency.

B Corp

We are proud to be a certified B Corporation and be part of a global community of companies putting purpose over profit. B Corps adhere to the highest standards of environmental and social practices and is third-party verified by B Lab Europe. We wish to make a positive impact on the world through our trade with coffee.


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