The dream that drives The Coffee Collective is to explore and unfold exceptional coffee experiences in a manner that gives better living conditions to coffee farmers across the globe.

Coffee quality is brought about in three links: Farmer, roaster and barista. We work hard to ensure that these three links collaborate, working towards the collective goal: Exploring coffee’s taste potential.

As coffee is grown far from Denmark, it is important for us to work with transparency. With our Direct Trade model, we lay out a distinct set of criteria for our trading with the producers.

Direct Trade is based on the notion that the better the quality we get, the better price we are able to pay, and the better quality we will have again the following year and so forth.

Ultimately, our dream is for a coffee farmer in Kenya to obtain the same status and living conditions as a wine grower in France.


The roastery is the pivotal point or link for our entire enterprise and from the very beginning, we have wanted to open and unravel the roasting process for everyone.

Green coffee beans neither smell nor taste of coffee as you know it. The taste and aroma evolves only during roasting. We wish to prove coffee a product of nature – of cultivation, varieties of coffee trees, soil conditions, rain, sun, wind – everything that in the end leave their distinct fingerprints on coffee’s taste.

This is why we seek out extremely clean, sweet and aromatic coffees, and roast them lightly in order to highlight their natural taste. Each coffee is roasted with it’s own roast profile to enhance that particular coffee’s unique qualities.

We roast in a modern Loring SmartRoast 30 kg roaster that allows us to control the roasting profile in detail. This roaster uses less energy and has less emissions than traditional roasters.

We roast every day and supply our wholesale customers, our own coffee shops and webshop customers with fresh coffee on a daily basis. And yet, freshly roasted coffee is just a small part of the equation. We buy, roast and sell freshly harvested crops that are in season, we store the green beans in either vacuum bags or special Grain Pro bags in a climate controlled cellar, and we rinse every bag of roasted coffee with nitrogen in order to preserve the high quality. Every roasted batch undergoes a number of quality checks, the most significant being the cupping. We taste every single batch and we always strive to do even better.

Check out Casper and Jakob’s work at our roastery on Godthåbsvej every first Friday of the month as they invite you inside for a guided tour and cupping.

Direct Trade

When you see the Direct Trade logo on our coffee bags, you will know that the following two criteria have been met: 1. The producer is paid at least 25% more than the Fair Trade price. 2. We visit the producer every year.

When we launched The Coffee Collective in 2007, we wanted to form a transparent trade model that would guarantee us the best quality of produce, and guarantee the producers payment that meets that better quality. It goes without saying that producers must be paid accordingly in order to take an interest in raising standards. For that reason, it is basic in Direct Trade that we ensure that surplus charges paid for premium quality reach the producers.

Visiting producers every year builds a personal relation. On the one hand, they get to know who we are and that we take good care of their product. On the other hand, we get to know them and understand how our produce is grown. During visits, we exchange what qualities we prefer and we get to experience the details of production at first hand.

Coffee is grown in countries with substantially different living conditions than ours. For that reason, many coffee lovers wish to trust that those who have created the basis for the better quality are paid accordingly. Unfortunately, consumers are often given the run-around rather than actual facts about how a given coffee has been traded. This is why we have formed the two fixed pledges in our Direct Trade model mentioned above – for your guarantee.

Other roasteries on the international coffee scene work with Direct Trade as well. We recommend that you check out the ways of these two roasteries: Intelligentsia and Counter Culture.

Direct Trade

Who we are

The Coffee Collective is collectively owned and run by some of Denmark’s most reputable coffee personalities.

Peter N. Dupont
Managing director and green bean buyer. M.Sc. in water resource management in coffee producing areas. Barista since 1998 and roaster since 2004.

Klaus Thomsen
Head of wholesale, marketing and coffee shop quality. World Barista Champion 2006 and twice Danish Barista Champion. Started as a barista in London in 2001.

Casper E. Rasmussen
Head of roastery and roast master. World Cup Tasting Champion 2008. European champion with the Danish Barista Team 2008. Barista since 2003.

Besides the three owners, we have our skilled roaster, Jakob Dupont, and our office coordinator, Jette Kanstrup. Our group of baristas counts about 25 skilled people. It is a mixed group of experienced baristas, coffee enthusiasts, coffee nerds, and even several winners of the Danish Coffee Championships.

Barchef Sebastian Reichmann. Souschef Janis Podins.

Barchef Lukas Kragelund. Souschefer Adam Ajaka og Anna Ida Rasmussen.

Barchef Jacob Salomonsen. Souschef Baptiste Fournier.

Barchef Peter Ebdrup. Souschef Axel Ross Andersen.

Join our team!

We strive to create excellent coffee experiences for our guests. The barista is the most important part of this. Our team is diverse in nationalities, ages and personalities. What unifies us is our common passion for brewing coffee, teamwork, hospitality and ethical coffee trading

Working with us, you can expect to learn how to make excellent coffee in a professional and passionate way. Our team participates in regular educational workshops for continuous learning. If you are driven to compete in coffee competitions we have facilities, equipment and knowledge to share.

We look for baristas that are motivated and focused on offering the best customer experience possible.

We appreciate previous coffee experience, but motivation to learn, passion to work hard and the will to provide outstanding hospitality is our priority.

At the moment our team is fully staffed. However, we are always glad to receive resumes and CV’s for future openings at job@coffeecollective.dk. Please specify whether you are looking for part-time or full-time employment, and when you would like to join our team.

Minimum age to apply is 18 years. Danish preferred but if you’re highly skilled in coffee we can live with fluent English. For international job seekers; you must be an EU citizen or have a valid work VISA to apply.