Colombia Micro Lot Series
26.02.2013Klaus Thomsen

Last november we launched our first ever Colombian coffee from the El Desarollo association of farmers. We’ve now bought four micro lots from four of the individual farmers that are members of El Desarollo. In total there’s around 150 members in El Desarollo, where the larger lot we have been roasting since November is from 27 farmers. Getting these even smaller lots separated and taken through the entire dry mill processing is a real treat.

Colombia Micro lots series from Huila, Colombia. 
All four coffees are picked between august and september 2012. They’re washed processed and dried on raised, shaded tables. We’ll be roasting these coffees quite light – close to a cupping roast – to allow the freshness, sweetness and aromatics to shine. All of these have been processed and sorted extremely well and it’s the cleanest Colombian coffees we’ve tasted. So we’re naturally really excited to share these with you.

We’ll be roasting and selling one lot at a time. Notice that the lot sizes are very different, with the smallest lot being only 16 kilos!

Helenita, Belmer Rojas Quintero
Huila, Colombia
Caramel, vanilla, redcurrant. Very sweet and clean.
Caturra og Typica.
55 kg totalt

La Esperanza, Edilfonso Yara
Huila, Colombia
Cinnamon, sweet licorice, juicy cherries. Fresh acidity.
Caturra og Colombia.
16 kgs

Buena Vista, Carlos Imbachi
Huila, Colombia
Extremely balanced with notes of orange, goose berries and simcoe hops.
Caturra, Bourbon og Colombia.
110 kgs

Resina, Pablo Emilio Rendon
Huila, Colombia
Very full bodied and syrupy. Hazelnuts, heather and lightly spicy aftertaste. Caturra, Castillo og Typica.
220 kgs

You can read about Peter Dupont’s visit to El Desarollo in this blog post.
(I particularly enjoyed reading about the cupping with Edilfonso Yara).

On Friday March 1st at 16:00 we’ll be hosting an open cupping in all three coffee shops of all four lots. The first lot from Belmer Rojas Quintero will be for sale (DKK 95,-) from then on and until it sells out.

Helenita, Belmer Rojas Quintero
La Esperanza, Edilfonso Yara
Buena Vista, Carlos Imbachi
Resina, Pablo Emilio Rendon

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