New Kenya · Ndaroini
06.01.2009Annalisa Mason

With the launch of the new year we feel it’s time to launch a new coffee:

Ndaroini · Kenya AA Top

Ndaroini is a wet mill situated at 1600 masl in the Nyeri district close to Karatina Town. It was built in 1984 and is part of the Gikanda farmers co-operative society. It’s owned by approx. 700 coffee growers in the surrounding area. This is a late arrival but was vaccum packed in Kenya to preserve the freshness.

It’s a fully washed coffee of the typical Kenyan Arabica varieties SL28 and SL34. We’ve roasted it very light with extra heat towards the end to highlight the aromas and the freshness.

Elegant with an intense aroma. Fresh acidity with notes of black currant, fresh figs and rose flowers.

Klaus visited the Ndaroini factory (wet mill) in 2007 on his trip to Kenya, where he met a few of the people behind this coffee. It’s the office and wet mill in the background behind the raised drying beds.

Drying beds in the background.

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