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Each Sunday of Advent we will reveal a new coffee starting with the first bag on 28th November
Celebrate Christmas with us
22.11.2021Klaus Thomsen

Christmas is approaching and per tradition, we celebrate the festive holiday with some extra special beans. 

Enjoy your Advent Calendar in company with us! We will post a new video here each Sunday leading up to Christmas.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Coffee Collective

1st Sunday of Advent | Jaime Geisha

Look forward to tasting a beautiful Geisha, grown at the farm El Prado in the mountains of Huila, Colombia. 

Here, a lush coffee forest expresses a countless number of green shades. The biodiversity creates a natural circle of life on the coffee farm and the coffee trees thrive with the help of the carefully chosen plant life. 

The Casallas family have run the farm for many years and now their son Jaime has taken over for his parents.

The Colombian terroir leaves its fruity fingerprint in the cup which is gracefully backed up by the Geisha’s elegant floral notes. 

1st Sunday of Advent | Jaime Geisha, Colombia

2nd Sunday of Advent | Daterra Anaerobic

Nothing is left to coincidence at the Brazilian coffee farm in the vast tropical savanna of Cerrado. 

Daterra has spent years perfecting their craft, and invested in state-of-the-art machinery taking their coffee to the next level. 

Today you are tasting one of their masterpiece coffees, a micro-lot from the very best of their selection, processed Anaerobic Natural. 

2nd Sunday of Advent | Daterra Anaerobic, Brazil

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