Make the holidays special | Christmas Gifts
Make the holidays special and get the perfect gift for your family and friends—or yourself. We have curated all the favourites in five great offers.
21.11.2023Signe Hansen

We have made things easy for you and gathered some of the best from our selection.

Julekaffe Perez

Christmas coffee by Reinel and Juan Perez

This year's Christmas coffee is grown in Tolima, Colombia. We felt the citrusy notes and warmness from the spicy notes complemented this season perfectly. 

About the coffee
Operating a farm on a Colombian mountain means you need to be creative with how you utilize space. When we were warmly welcomed back to the farm of Reinel Perez, his son, Juan, pointed to a narrow staircase which reached up high above the wet mill where the coffee was being depulped and washed.

Reaching the top of the stairs, the low ceiling taught us quickly that standing up straight was not always a good idea. Yet, it was here that we found an even layer of beans, resting on parchment and drying under the protective plastic roof.

Pink Bourbon is prominent in this coffee, offering pronounced floral top notes complemented by warm spices and aromas of yellow citrus fruits.

Worka espresso

December Deal 375,- Save up to 171! 
With our December Deal, you receive four different 250-gram coffee bags, giving you the chance to taste the diversity in our flavour spectrum.

All four bags are whole beans, and you can choose between either the filter or the espresso deal.

Available in all coffee shops and in our webshop.

Christmas deal

We have collected all the essentials you need to start brewing at home!

AeroPress 349,- save up to 131
1 AeroPress + 1 bag of coffee of your choice

AeroPress XL 599,- save up to 142
1 AeroPress XL + 1 bag of coffee of your choice

Kalita 399,- save up to 142
1 Kalita dripper with filters + 1 bag of coffee of your choice

Choose from all of our 250-gram coffee bags. 

Vista Hermosa

Coffee Subscription
A gift that keeps on giving! Our coffee subscriptions will deliver freshly roasted beans straight to the recipient's front door.

Choose between new shipments every 2 weeks or every month. Subscribers enjoy priority and access to new harvests, micro-lots, and special roasts!


Giftcard for webshop & courses
If you're unsure about what to get, or perhaps you prefer to let your loved one choose for themselves, our webshop gift card is the perfect present.

The webshop gift card provides access to our full menu of freshly roasted coffee beans, as well as state-of-the-art coffee equipment. The gift card can also be used to book a slot at one of our coffee courses, sign up for our coffee subscriptions, and much more.

Perfect for a last-minute gift! You receive the voucher online, and your gift will be in your hands within seconds.

Julekaffe Perez

Coffee Courses
Do you know someone interested in learning more about coffee or fine-tuning their brewing skills? We offer various coffee courses, and you can either book a slot as a gift or purchase the aforementioned webshop gift card.

We invite you into our universe. Join us for a coffee tasting, elevate your filter brewing skills and understanding, or learn how to make the perfect espresso along with silky, smooth milk!

Perfect for a last-minute gift! You receive the voucher online, and your gift will be in your hands within seconds.

Christmas deal


Order your Christmas gifts in time for them to arrive under the Christmas tree! Below you can get the full overview:

Dec 19
EU Dec 11
Worldwide Nov 27

EU Dec 14

EU + World Wide Dec 18


You can return equipment, merch, and non-food items until January 7, and get your money back. If you wish to return Christmas gifts, please reach out to us directly at our email: 

Please note that roasted coffee beans are not able to be returned. 

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Would you like to get our different coffees delivered directly to your doorstep? We've got you covered.

2 week subscription from:240 DKK / 2 weeks
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