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We like to see ourselves in the way our wholesale partners conduct business. Pas Normal Studios has a strong set of values that reflect the vision of The Coffee Collective and we are proud to be on this journey together
Courtesy of Coffee Collective Cycling Club/Instagram
25.05.2022Signe Hansen

A new partnership combining cycling and coffee began in the spring of 2022 when Pas Normal Studios opened the doors to its first flagship store. The choice came to be as they wished to conduct business with a company that also takes an active stand in the continuous journey towards sustainability.

In a new piece written by PNS, the cycling club elaborates on the background of their coffee choice. We have extracted snippets from the article which depict the fundamental building bricks of how this relationship came to be, and why coffee and cycling go so well together.

PNS begins, »(...) we wanted to offer an exclusive coffee that celebrated our passion for cycling and complimented our growing commitment to sustainability. The natural choice was to partner with Coffee Collective - industry leaders in pursuit of developing a more sustainable, transparent coffee marketplace.

Coffee Collective shares our dedication to creating the highest quality products, and together we selected a coffee that encapsulated the shared culture and history between our two passions.«

Photo from Coffee Collective's own cycling club out on a ride. Courtesy of Coffee Collective Cycling Club/Instagram

It seemed only logical that two worlds of detail-oriented segments join forces. Like the coffee industry, the world of cycling is in development. There is a growth in consumers who are critical of where they place their money when it comes to making a difference in the long run. 

The following anecdote originates from a tasting between PNS and our co-founder and QC Casper Engel. Having visited farmers we work with for the past 15 years and build up strong relationships, the cause of communicating their individual stories is a natural given to Casper:

»(...) one of the more definitive characteristics that set Coffee Collective above the rest is how they source their products and the unique relationship they hold with their farmers.«

Courtesy of Pas Normal Studios

PNS continues, »But the term "farmers" was never used when discussing the individuals growing the coffee. Those producing the crops were always referred to by their family names or, more often, by their first names.

The Coffee Collective team does this intentionally as a means of encouraging more transparency in the coffee market and acknowledging the efforts of those responsible for the crop's success.«

The cycling club continues to stress the need for transparency in the coffee market. As a production company, they too feel the growing need of knowing where a product originates from, and that the only way to make a change is to start at the very beginning.

»But more than a means of creating transparency, this level of personability seemed natural, genuine. Each family of farmers felt like an extension of the entire Coffee Collective family - something that is only possible from taking the time to develop these intimate, familiar relationships.«

This piece is based on a story by Pas Normal Studios. Read their full article here called Homegrown Heroes released in the spring of 2022. 

The Coffee Collective roast 5 days a week making it convenient for our wholesale partners to get the coffee they need when they need it. If you wish to know more about our wholesale services you can reach us at 

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