To call Mikkeller a modern-day icon of Copenhagen would not be an overstatement by any means. What started as "home brewing" during class with students, for ex-school teacher and co-founder Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, quickly boomed into an internationally regarded craft beer empire. In a city that prides itself on its progressive palate, Mikkeller pioneered the journey that brought beer to the table and made it cool again.
24.01.2020Adam Ajaka

Over the past four years, Mikkeller has been broadening its shoulders within the Copenhagen landscape. From Ramen to Smørrebrød, Tacos to Waffles, Chocolate to Chinese, Mikkeller continues to shine brighter with each new path it ventures down. By uniting their intense passion and vision, with specialist expertise, Mikkeller has played a vital role in encouraging much-needed diversity in the Copenhagen food scene.

For this reason, we are delighted to announce that Coffee Collective and Mikkeller have begun working closely together in the endeavor of increasing coffee quality throughout all Mikkeller locations nationwide and selected locations abroad. With our paralleled focus of using the highest quality ingredients to produce the highest quality product, we have been working hard to streamline the Mikkeller coffee program for their already quality-minded guests.

You can now find Coffee Collective brewing in all Mikkeller locations nationwide. Whether it's a creamy Cappuccino from their breakfast spot, Hyggestund or a pre-flight pick me up from their beer bar in Copenhagen airport. 

"Hop" in and grab a Cuppa ;) 

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