Copenhagen’s Tigermom had previously developed an inventive way to prep their tea serving before service. They flash freeze a concentrated brew of tea and then dilute it with boiling water to order. Owner and head chef Lisa Lov approached us to design something similar for their coffee.
Sara Haij from Tigermom working on making the smooth, cold delight
23.12.2019Adam Ajaka

When we heard that Lisa Lov was about to open an Asian inspired restaurant in Copenhagen, we became restless with anticipation. Up until that point, we had been working together with Lisa during her time as a Sous Chef at Worlds 50 Best restaurant, Relæ. We knew that what was about to transpire from her new restaurant, Tigermom, would be of the highest caliber and innovation.

Tigermom centers itself on quality, organic, and local ingredients that pull on all corners of the Asian cuisine. They work closely with Christian Puglisi's (Relæ, Manfreds, Bæst) organic farm in Roskilde, growing vegetables that they tend to think of as Asian, but which grow in the colder Danish climate. Supported by herbs grown in their indoor hydroponic nursery in the basement and put together in a not so traditional way, make for a unique and memorable dining experience.

Carefully brewing the AeroPress following the recipe developed in-house

Tigermom had only been open a few months when they reached out to us looking for an organic coffee option to serve their guests. What followed was a refreshingly unconventional dialogue, one that materialized into an equally original coffee serving. 

All of us wanted to work with Coffee Collective due to the high quality. We tried a few different organic coffees, and the one that had the flavor profile we were searching for was Planadas from Colombia
Restaurant Manager Sara Haij

»The Planadas has the fruit and the acidity, but at the same time, these chocolatey notes. We then needed to find a way to make it as fast and efficient as possible. We are only one and a half people on the floor during service. Time is a problem," says restaurant manager Sara Haij.
Sara tells the story with a smile on her face: »Lisa woke with an aha moment! - 'We should make coffee the same way we make the teas!' - She had a dream that she was doing the same thing with the coffee as we were doing with the teas.«
Sara and Lisa had previously developed an inventive way to prep their tea serving before service. They flash freeze a concentrated brew of tea and then dilute it with boiling water to order. Flash freezing will trap the volatile aromas and allow the beverage to be stored and prepared in seconds. 
»We had to spend a lot of time trying to adjust the recipe for our coffee serving. The two main issues we had were to get the right strength of the coffee and also the ideal temperature.«

The finished product - a crisp and fresh brew of AeroPress

Stimulated by their creative way of looking at coffee brewing, we began working with Sara on helping perfect the new Tigermom recipe. The goal was to brew a very concentrated Aeropress, flash freeze the coffee into ice cubes, and dilute two coffee ice cubes with hot water to serve. It was a lot of trial and error, but eventually, it came together. The result was a sweet and aromatic filter coffee, served at ideal strength and optimal drinking temperature, in less than 30 seconds. 
»Our guests really enjoy our new coffee serving. We have found that if we explain the philosophy behind what we are doing and why we are serving it that way, then people love it even more,« Sara explains.
We are very proud to be working together with Lisa, Sara, and the team at Tigermom. We grow a lot as a company when we have the opportunity to work closely with creative and dedicated people from other areas of our industry. We are always inspired to witness people with incredible food and beverage knowledge, look at coffee with a fresh set of eyes. 



  • Inverted Aeropress method with a metal filter
  • Coffee - 45g
  • Brew water - 175g
  • Brew water temp - 97 ˚C
  • Brew time - 2:30 with 15 seconds of agitation at the beginning
  • Ice cubes: 13g of brewed coffee

To serve

  • 2 x Coffee cubes
  • Diluted with 90g of 97 ˚C water
  • Served at 56 ˚C

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