New Filter Brew at Torvehallerne: Introducing the Fetco
Today we’re launching a new coffee programme in Torvehallerne that will allow us to provide better service and shorter waiting time for fresh, black coffee. We’re talking about Fetco batch brew.
17.09.2014Klaus Thomsen

About half a year ago we realized how much our black coffee sales have increased in Torvehallerne and how much time we were spending pouring water on coffee. We also felt that we were struggling getting enough time to talk with our guests about the coffees. So we began investigating other options, specifically brewing larger quantities at a time. From previous experience and input from abroad we knew the Fetco CBS brewers were a good option.

For the last month and a half we’ve been putting the Fetco to the test. We’ve been experimenting and testing brew recipes, dialling in all parameters such as pre-wet percentage, bloom time, brew time, temperature, water specs and much more. And we’re very, very pleased with the results.

Dialing in the Fetco

3 years ago we started hand brewing coffee in Torvehallerne, first on Hario V60 and since Kalita Wave. We were one of the first coffee shops in Copenhagen to really put focus on pour-over filter brewing and are happy to see the trend spread. Our mission back then was also to show people that you can brew coffee very easily at home and have our guests in Torvehallerne engage with the brewing process.

With this next step we feel we can also show people that there’s nothing inherently wrong with batch brewing. In most cases either the machines just aren’t good enough or the brewing parameters aren’t adjusted perfectly. Coffee is quite often stored much too long after brewing and thermoses aren’t kept clean. We will actually just brew 8 cups at a time, allowing us to continually brew fresh batches, so the coffee won’t oxidize and taste harsh, as it’s often the problem with batch brews. Every batch will be measured for TDS and Extraction Yield allowing us to make sure that each cup is spot on. We’ll also keep everything vigorously clean, so you won’t have any of those old coffee oil flavours destroying the cup.

So what about the hand brewed Kalita that you’ve come to love so much?

Well, we’ll keep brewing them because we love them too! In fact, we can now put more focus on those as well, making space for two black coffee options:

1. Filter Fetco batch brew with minimal waiting time
2. Hand brewed Kalita if you have time for a longer experience.

We’ll now start serving our Kalitas in a glass server, so you get to pour as much as you like and possibly share with your friends. We also find that we can get different things out in the coffees on the two different filter brew methods. On the Kalita Wave we can get some more light and aromatic cups, and on the Fetco we get more body and balance. The total brew time is very different on the two, allowing us to extract different things from the coffee, even at the same extraction yield.

From today the black coffee menu will look like this:

Sort Kaffe / Black Coffee
Dagens Filter / Filter of the Day                                   25,-/30,-
Dagens Håndbryg / Handbrew of the Day                     38,-

We’re very excited about this next move, being able to provide a better experience and we look forward to hear your feedback on it.


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