Cuptasting Cologne
12.10 CET The initial round results for Denmark
28.06.2009Annalisa Mason

Newsline- Now, hurry in to see Denmarks Samuli and Ben from US compete in Cologne.

As we are speaking! Livestreaming at:

and you can read about how it works here:


Now Ben and Samuli finished their first round, going to put the results up here, maybe not totally correct (it is a bit hard to follow, the streaming was not 100%).

Dominican Republic was no 1 in overall results in this round. Then US, Denmark and Austria-in that order.

I encourage you to go in and follow the broadcast yourself, unfortunately my connection is not stable enough to come with accurrate results.


Samuli texts and says he´s no 7 in all- only one more competitor can beat him if he´s to go to final. He´s nervous now.


On the phone with Ben – he´s set for the finals! He says it was a hard heat, many extremely accentuated coffees that makes it hard to keep your tastebuds calm and focused.


Semifinals startin aprox 14.45, qualified:

Dom Rep, USA, Russia, Ukr, Sth Korea; Ch rep, Japan, Belgium.

Samuli from Denmark didn´t make it- you sure did perform anyway- 7 correct is really really good. Must be some very good people you were cupping with today. Thank you Samuli !


Qualified for finals: USA, Japan, Belgium, Russia (it´s a bit hard to be sure, and I had to make some cappus for some people when they annonced).

15.13 finals starting now!


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