Full Bloom from Daterra
18.05.2015Klaus Thomsen

A couple of months ago we added a new filter coffee to our lineup from our partners at Daterra in Brazil. This is a natural processed coffee that have been carefully sundried and sorted. It’s quite a different character than we’ve had in our filter range in a while, with much lower acidity than most of our other coffees. That being said, for a natural Brazil it has quite a bit of fruitiness and a hint of acidity going for it. Just enough to make the perceived sweetness seem even higher.

Daterra is world famous for their research in coffee growing and post harvest processing. For instance they were the first to start vacuum packing coffee. We’ve been visiting and buying from them since 2007 and if you have time go through our old blog posts for reports of our visits every year.

This lot is from the Mundo Novo and Catuai varieties and is Natural processed, giving it a lot of body and dried fruit character. We have roasted this filter version light, but with a slow profile to accentuate the sweetness and mouthfeel.

In the cup it’s full bodied and round with low acidity and heavy sweetness. Raisins and vanilla dominate the aroma with milk chocolate in the aftertaste.

Wet mill at night: It´s is not a space station- it´s a wetmill.

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