More Esmeralda Coming
17.10.2014Klaus Thomsen

Last week we roasted the last of our Esmeralda Special auction lot. It’s been a fantastic coffee this year and it’s been selling a lot faster than anticipated. We were so sad to see it go so soon that we got in touch with Rachel at Esmeralda and asked if she might have anymore, maybe a lot that someone didn’t pay for in the auction or something. And to our luck she did!

So next week we’ll roast the first of another lot of the very best Geisha from Hacienda La Esmeralda. This lot is called Caballariza. Rachel and Daniel Peterson, who own the farm with their family, decided to leave this lot out of the auction, because they felt they had too many auction lots. In stead they reserved it separately as the quality was really high.
“Caballeriza is located on the Jaramillo side, in an area that many years ago was horse stables and pasture. The elevation is around 1,500-1,550 meters above sea level.” Rachel says via email, where she’s also shared the map below.

Caballeriza, elevation 1500-1550 meters above sea level.

ES-06 is the Caballeriza lot, situated next to the three Mario lots (Enero, Carnaval and San José). The lot we’ve just finished, that we bought on auction, was the tiny blue one to the west called Lino marked as ES-01 on the map.

We hope this means we’ll have enough Esmeralda to last over Christmas as this is definitely a coffee to have on special occasions and to share with friends and family. As we’ve said before the Esmeralda really is all about the aromatics. So please, please, please make sure you use good water when you brew this. The cleaner (lower TDS) the better, but most bottled waters will be better than Copenhagen tab water.


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