Travelling – don’t miss out on your Coffee Collective coffee
If you’re one of the fortunate ones that are going abroad during the Easter Holiday you might be lucky enough to go somewhere where you can still have your Coffee Collective coffee served every single day.
15.04.2014Annalisa Mason

If you’re going down under to Australia, make sure to visit the Paramount Coffee Project in Sidney. These coffee loving people have been serving our coffee since October 2013 where Klaus and Peter were invited to visit them and hold some coffee courses and workshops.

In Amsterdam, Holland you should visit the newly assigned “Coffee Bar of the Year 2014”, Scandinavian Embassy for your favourite Danish coffee. They know good coffee and their favourite espresso is the number 1 blend.

If you are going to romantic Paris, France, make sure to stop at Fragments for your morning espresso. They just started serving our coffee a short while ago but already have a wide range of filter coffees from the Coffee Collective.

In Berlin, Germany you should visit our long time friends at No Fire No Glory if you’re looking for a good cup of coffee. Just like us, they love a good coffee talk and they will serve you the city’s best espresso and filter coffee.

In wonderful Stockholm, Sweden you can get your coffee at Himalaya Te och Kaffespecialist and at Mean Coffee so make sure to visit them both for a tasty cup of black coffee or an espresso.

If London, UK is your destination, Kaffeine is the place to visit. These dedicate coffee people will make sure you get your daily Coffee Collective espresso shot.


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