Printa Café, Budapest
05.01.2011Klaus Thomsen

At the WBC in London back in June we met a young man from Budapest, Hungary. His name was Tibor Várady and he was looking for a coffee supplier for the coffee shop he was about to open. At first we were a little resistant about sending our coffee that far, but Tibor hadn’t been able to find anything locally that he was really happy with. And when he said he was willing to travel to Denmark for training and to see our roastery and talk with us, we could tell he was very enthusiastic about the project.

So back in August Tibor came to Denmark for a week. We cupped a lot, had some great barista training and he got to hang out at the roastery and coffee shop and just talk coffee. We got to know him as a very friendly and passionate guy, who is really keen to learn more about coffee and share it with his guests in Budapest.

In September he opened his coffee shop. Inspired by WBC champ Gwilym Davies’s coffee shop Prufrock inside Present, a clothing shop, Tibor had found a great location in the shop Printa. It meant that on his very limited budget he could invest in really good equipment (La Marzocco Linea and Mazzer Robur E) in stead of a huge down-payment on a location.

Tibor is serving Hario V60, Aeropress, Siphon, Filter and French Press depending on what people would like and what he feels up to with a given coffee. He’s been great in giving us feedback on how the coffees are tasting on his equipment and water and we think the shop looks amazing.


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