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Together with Copenhagen-based company, Turtle, we have created a more sustainable take on our merch wear
Our sustainable merch line
23.09.2022Signe Hansen

Established in Copenhagen in January 2020, the mission of Turtle was clear: Challenge the culture of the merchandising scene with high-quality, ethically sourced and aesthetic garments. 

The values of Turtle echo as we see ourselves as like-minded businesses who wish to change our respective industries for the better and make a positive impact all while providing a high-quality product. 

The founders of Turtle (from left Jesper, Esben, and Mads)

We paid a visit to the three founders of Turtle who presented us with pre-production of our upcoming merch line. 

The talk quickly turned into how Turtle wished to provide transparency in the fashion industry. An industry which is only surpassed by the oil industry in relation to the environmental impact. 

The co-founder of Turtle, Jesper explains: 

»We are three guys who are raised in the fashion industry. Here, it is all about quantity and making a profit. In this Red Ocean we knew that if we wanted to see a change, we needed to start with ourselves. That’s how Turtle came to be.«

First look at our new merch line

Turtle produces garments and stationery for companies. They keep it as local as possible, and all garments are made in Europe. Not many know this, but Europe used to be a renowned production continent. The vision is to build up strong and long-lasting relationships with producers, much like we do with coffee farmers. 

Europe is also where you will find the highest certifications in sustainable production. This means high protection for workers in all aspects of the production chain, which means from the cotton farmer to manufacturers. Turtle attaches great importance to ensuring third-party certifications to all steps of the production. 

The t-shirt sports an oxblood back print

Together we can be stronger and make a bigger impact for the better. Like our coffee guests, we are very selective about where to put our money. It was a dream come true when we came across Turtle who has an uncompromising way of conducting business.

The co-founder of Coffee Collective, Casper has spent months in close collaboration with the guys at Turtle to design our merch line. 

The t-shirt is made from organic cotton grown by farmers in Turkey. The fabric is knitted from a custom beige colour thread, that symbolises our filter roast coffee bags. The texture is soft and heavy with a high-quality feel to it. In beautiful contrast, our trademark triangles adorn the back. The oxblood hue is printed directly on the garment using silk frames. A meticulous craftmanship which gives results a machine can’t replicate. 

Check out our merch line

All garments are certified GOTS organic. 

Check out our entire merch line made in collaboration with Turtle

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