10 Years at Torvehallerne
This weekend we celebrate the 10 year birthday of Copenhagen's food market, Torvehallerne
Torvehallerne turns 10 years!
03.09.2021Klaus Thomsen

We can't believe it's been a whole decade since we opened our shop in Torvehallerne, as the new Food Market opened its doors. To be honest, we weren't sure what to expect back then and today we find it quite amusing, that we had the discussion if the shift schedule should have one or two baristas on at a time (we ended having to be 5-6 at the busiest times). 

This weekend we and all the other stalls celebrate the anniversary with numerous events and fun tastings! See the full program here

We have taken over the booth next to ours for an exciting pop-up event this weekend. From Friday to Sunday we'll be hosting tastings as well as a Latte Art Competition, where you can win coffee subscriptions and courses!

The Latte Art Competition will run continuously, so dust off your skills and come by, pour your heart out and see if you'll be the lucky winner. 

Besides that we have a programme of tastings with the co-founders each day:

Friday: Tastings with Casper Engel Rasmussen

11.00: Intro to coffee tasting
12.30: Ethiopian coffees
15.00: Intro to coffee tasting
16.30: Ethiopian coffees

Saturday: Peter Dupont dives into a world of coffee

11.00: Kaffens Smagsverden - the sensoric world of coffee
13.00: Kaffens Smagsverden - the sensoric world of coffee
15.00: Kaffens Smagsverden - the sensoric world of coffee

Sunday: Coffee tastings with Klaus Thomsen

11.00: Kenyan fresh crops
13.00: Intro to coffee tasting
15.00: Kenyan coffee tasting

We hope to see you for a weekend of explorative tastings and competitions! 

And we wouldn't cheat you from an image of that opening day, when it was so busy that it was all hands on deck 😂

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