Torvehallerne-More and More Physical
Our new store is starting to be built up. In the coming weeks it will more and more resemble our drawings.
26.07.2011Annalisa Mason

As mentioned the idea is to have a good dialog over and aside the counter. Therefore you can still see it as a kitchen table where you gather to talk- a very big kitchen table. We have kept the level at a height where the customer feels comfortable and invited- and at the same time to have a height where the barista can work efficiently.

There will be a front table where we face the customers and prepare coffee and behind it a back table where there is room for zinks, dishwashers, storing etc and of course a big surface to work on.

Sample from previous works of GARDE HVALSØE.

To build this bar we have teamed up with GARDE HVALSØE, which is a carpentry firm that does pretty much anything. They are very good at kitchens and they have an eye for details in wood that is exeptional. They have some really good craftsmen throughout the firm and we have had a very intense and creative dialogue with them.
Elmwood will be used for the main structure and fronts. The tabletop will be made of a kind of granitestone- all black.


For lighting all this up we asked Møller og Rothe (specialists in light) to help us. There will be a lot of daylight in the bar, but we need a bit more artificial light to make the bar as transparent as possible for the customer and facilitate the work of the barista.
Møller og Rothe came up with a proposal that puts light right where we need it.

Illustrations from Møller og Rothe

All in all, the aim for this new store is to bring people together and taste coffee, and cupping sessions will be regular.

We have always wanted to do a lot more public cuppings than we could at Jægersborggade, and now this will finally be possible in an easy way.


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