Huehue etc.
11.03.2009Annalisa Mason

Not many words from this side of the atlantic and caribbean, but there is plenty to tell. 

This month is full of fieldtrips for us, I left Copenhagen 1 day before Peter was coming home from Kenya. I  am now in Guatemala City after some intense days in the mountains of Huehuetenango. 

I am visiting Finca Vista Hermosa and the Martinez family with collegues.

Harvest this year has been a bit slower and lower than average and I will go into detail about that when I get a better chance to write more. 

I ‘ve tried to wrestle an answer from Edwin about what this harvest will bring when it comes to taste, and I know that lovers of Guatemalan coffee will be very pleased to hear it.

…but I’ll keep it to myself for the time beeing.

I’ll write more about that and many things later.



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