Cold cans | Nitro Coffee & Coffee Kombucha
This summer we're happy to release two canned editions of our Nitro Coffee and Coffee Kombucha so you can bring home the cold coffee experience!
Nitro kaffe & Kaffe Kombucha
10.08.2020Klaus Thomsen

Kaffe Kombucha

Our long-term collaboration with Læsk started with bottles, then we got it on tap and now we have the coolest cans in town. Unlike regular kombucha, which is made from tea, this is made with filtered, organic coffee that we brew and instantly cool down.

The brewmaster at Læsk, Eric, then adds sugar, the starter of Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast - or SCOBY for short - and ferments the drink for up to two weeks. This creates a delicious acidity, a complex aroma, and sparkling bubbles.

A super refreshing drink that is both a thirst quencher and a probiotic boost.

Keep cool with Nitro or Kombucha

Nitro coffee

The canned edition of Nitro Coffee takes the complex process of adding nitrogen to a liquid to a new level. In general, nitrogen doesn't dissolve in a liquid-like carbon dioxide - which is the bubbles you usually find in soft drinks. However, the bitter-sour taste of CO2 isn't what we like to taste in a cold coffee, so that's not an option.

Nitrogen on the other hand gives a soft and creamy mouthfeel while enhancing the sweetness, and is truly a unique experience - hence why so many have grown to love the Guinness beers, although it's a rather dark beer.

On tap, the nitrogen is infused as we're serving the beer, but thanks to our friends at Motel Beer & Coffee we have been able to put this hot-brewed-flash-chilled coffee into cans while adding liquid nitrogen. Shake the can well and pour it fast and aggressively into a glass and you'll get the real, creamy experience.

Nitro at the beach

Both cans are available in our coffee shops to take home, but if you drink on the premises you really should let us pour you a fresh one from the taps. The cans need to be kept refrigerated, and therefore we're not able to ship them via our webshop. 

Available at all coffee shop, including Telefonkiosken

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