The Coffee Collective Bar Takeover, La Marzocco in Seattle
Italian espresso machine manufacturer La Marzocco has invited us to take over their Seattle café from September 25th to October 29th.
Callum Hare and Klaus Thomsen (right)
18.09.2018Signe Hansen

For the next couple of weeks, The Coffee Collective will have a bar takeover at La Marzocco in Seattle. We’ll be present to give you our take on coffee, and host a number of events.

We’re excited to bring a piece of Denmark and The Coffee Collective experience to the home town of modern coffee culture. Having worked with La Marzocco for many years, we think this is a great opportunity to showcase our Scandinavian take on coffee. With us, we’ll be bringing our full range of lightly roasted filter coffees as well as a variety of espressos. To compliment, we’ve taken two of our favorite baked goods recipes with us and will be serving these and pairing them with our coffees.

Our co-founder Klaus Thomsen and Wholesale Manager Callum Hare are flying to Seattle to set everything up and will be present for the first week. It’s then over to the brilliant and very skilled team from the La Marzocco café. To prepare for your visit, we will be dialing in the coffee together with the team, choosing which exact espresso machines and grinders to use and La Marzocco has given us free hands in setting up the bar as we wish.

Regarding the espresso selection, Klaus Thomsen says, »We would like to show you the opposite ends of our espresso menu. We have the wild and fruity Kieni Espresso (from Kenya) and on the other end we have Espresso 2 (blend of Akmel Nuri, Ethiopia and Daterra, Brazil) which is balanced, sweet and full-bodied. The idea with the takeover is to implement as much as The Coffee Collective-feeling to the experience. We’ll even be bringing our own cups.«

There’ll be a varied espresso menu with lots of different single origin and blends. Some exclusively roasted for this event. Espresso 2 will be the main espresso served, accompanied by Kieni Espresso and Akmel Nuri Espresso.  You’ll also be able to taste different filters with Kieni, Halo Washed and Halo Natural, among others.

Selections of beans

Schedule of events in September

Are you not able to attend the bar takeover? Then you can follow the takeover on our social platforms – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you on the other hand are in town, make sure to drop by one of our events.

26th: Launch Reception

27th: Nordic Black Brew Filter Class

28th: Friday Coffee Tasting

For the Launch Reception you’ll be able to taste authentic Danish ‘Smørrebrød’, a Danish-style open-faced sandwich. Furthermore, Seattle-based bakery, London Plane, has baked custom Danish pastries called ‘Kanelsnurrer’. ‘Kanelsnurrer’ is usually served at our coffee shops in Copenhagen.

Coffee Softice by The Coffee Collective

Not everything will be entirely about coffee during the takeover; One of our regulars’ summer favorite is the Coffee Softice. The Coffee Softice is a softserve made with our espresso blend topped with freshly grounded beans. The flavour is intense and most often, one softice is not enough.

We are looking forward to takeover and the events, and hope to see you there!


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