Visit to Koppi Coffee Roastery
06.09.2008Klaus Thomsen

Last weekend Sigga Dora, Linus and I drove up to the beautiful town of Helsingborg in Sweden – just across the water from Helsingør in Denmark – to visit our friends Anne and Charles and (for Sigga Dora and I) see Koppi for the first time. We’ve been meaning to go there for so long, but I think anyone who starts a business will recognize that time flies too fast.

Anne and Charles served us some beautiful fresh roasted coffees, amongs others their lot of the Aricha, and an great shot of their One Finger Snap Espresso (great name!) with loads of thick molasses-like sweetness and an almost cherry-like acidity. Yummy!

One Finger Snap Espresso.

The space they have at Koppi is amazing! It’s really big (especially to us), very high ceiling and huge windows all around that lets the Swedish summer light right in. The roaster-area is behind the bar one level up with big glass window between – allowing customers to see the action without being disturbed by the noise and smoke of roasting. Cool furniture and small details all around reveals that Anne and Charles have a definite flair for interior design. But it still doesn’t draw any attention away from what obviously the most important thing there: the coffee.

Koppi interior.

Thanks to Anne and Charles for being awesome hosts and the best of luck with the future of Koppi!

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