Duver Rojas
This year we’re bringing in some more coffees from single producers in Colombia.
05.04.2016Klaus Thomsen

One of the great things about Colombia is that they harvest year round, meaning that we can get fresh coffees several times a year. On our Colombia trip in September we visited a bunch of producers and signed contracts with them individually. Now we’ve received another container with coffees from four of these producers that we will be releasing the coming weeks.

The first coffee comes from the farm Las Delicias, owned and run by Duber Rojas and his wife. It’s situated in the Huila region of Colombia at 1.700 masl. They only produce 3.5 ton a year, and are extremely careful with the quality. Duber uses a floating tank to separate the overripe and defect cherries before depulping and then ferment in small fermentation tanks.

After fermentation the coffee is washed carefully with clean water to remove any last bits of mucilage. Drying is done in several steps on raised tables where Duber moves the coffee from the top to bottom, to control the drying time. All drying is under shade, so the coffee doesn’t dry too fast.

Raised drying beds in so many layers.

We’ve paid 195% above market price (USD 4.00/lbs FOB) for this coffee on account of it’s high quality. We have roasted this coffee light, although not our lightest roast, to really showcase the terroir and work of the farmer.

Duver Rojas

Duber Rojas, Huila, Colombia
Balanced, soft mouthfeel with a fine acidity. Notes of roasted hazelnut and plumbs.

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