It's official: We're opening a new roastery and coffee shop!
Some of you might have already heard the rumours, but we wanted to wait with making it official until we knew it would really happen. We’re opening a new roastery and coffee shop in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.
The space before putting up inner walls.
17.05.2012Klaus Thomsen

A few months ago we signed the lease for an absolute dream space. An old factory building on Godthåbsvej 34B in Frederiksberg. Just 10 minutes from Jægersborggade and in an area we know really well. The building is just three levels and we’ve taken the entire floor plan of around 400 square meters. This will host our new roastery, a good sized office space, storage and shipping, and a new coffee shop.

Since the beginning of the new year we’ve worked on renovating the interior. The walls and the beautiful old concrete floor have been kept, but made ready for use for food production. We especially love the floor, which have been sanded down and treated with something called liquid glass. We wanted to keep the history of this 100-year-old factory building. There’s lots of big bright windows in the old style with iron mullions and even though the building is off the main road, there’s great light. The renovation has taken quite a lot of time and we’ve needed to draw in new water, plumbing, radiators, electricity, build inner walls and so on. But we’re getting very close now and things are taking shape nicely. Our good friend Søren Ulrich and his company Plain Crafts have been instrumental in this process and he’s currently finishing the beautiful bar constructed in two kinds of Oak and raw iron.

For the roastery we’ve invested in a 35 kg Loring SmartRoast. That machine deserves a blog post on it’s own, and we will try to write that up soon. It will be visible through a large glass wall so the noise from the roasting won’t bother our guests, but everything will remain transparent. This will also be a much needed expansion of our roasting and packing space, which all our guests at Jægersborggade know we’ve been needing for a while.

To be honest, we didn’t really think we’d be building a third coffee shop so soon after the huge project of opening and optimizing Torvehallerne. We did consider just opening a roastery and wait with a coffee shop. But it just didn’t feel right. It’s been a central vision for us straight from the beginning of The Coffee Collective, that you should be able to see how we roast and be able to enjoy that coffee on the same premises. So since we have no wish to become a chain, we decided to try out something new with the coffee shop. Just as our two current shops are very different, this third place will hopefully present a completely new experience. And exactly the coffee experience is what we want to focus on.

The goal in our new shop will be to get our guests to experience and talk much more about the flavourof the different coffees. We wish to create an environment that is relaxing and de-stressing. Table service is one of the things that will help us to do this. Another is a long bar, with ample leg space and pleasant seats. From our experiences on Jægersborggade we want to bring in more closeness between the guests and the barista. Presence, service and openness will help us eliminate the stress we often see in people when they are waiting in line at a register. And we hope to create an atmosphere that encourages trying out new things and being open minded to new experiences.

There’s a lot of ideas and things we want to try out and we look forward to get the journey going. Everything is shaping up nicely. A La Marzocco Strada EP is installed and already producing some amazing shots of espresso. The Uber Boiler has arrived too and grinders, water filters and so on is in place. We’re still waiting for a few things to be in place before we dare to share an opening date, but it’s getting close. We’ll be back soon with an invitation to you all.


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