A small village in a renowned coffee region | Kirite
This year we are introducing a new coffee from Ethiopia called Kirite. Kirite will be substituting Halo which we have had for the last couple of years.
Transporting cherries to the receiving station
10.07.2020Casper Rasmussen

Kirite is produced by Metad whom we have been buying coffee from for the past 4 years.

Kirite is a small area in the Guji region in Southern Ethiopia. Here, Metad is buying freshly picked cherries from farmers who are part of their out-growers program. 

A farmer transporting his freshly picked cherries to the washing station

Outgrowers are small private farms that are too small to be able to process their coffee themselves.

Previously they would sell their coffee at the local market where buyers would come by and buy their coffee very cheap. 

Local coffee pickers

Being a part of Metad's program farmers are educated in agricultural processes making them capable of growing coffee of very high quality. They are not committed to selling their coffee to Metad but as they pay a higher price than any other buyers in the area, farmes usually tend to sell their cherries to them. The coffee is transported to the washing station where it is processed as either washed or sundried coffee. 

Receiving station

The lot we have bought is washed. At Metad's washing stations they use mechanical de-mucilators to remove the pulp from the seeds. After this, the coffee seeds or beans are soaked and gets a gentle wash in big tanks and is then brought out to dry in the sun on raised drying tables.

This year METAD has installed big mechanical driers as well. This will ensure that they can keep an even drying of the coffee even if it should start to rain in the dry season. Climate change has really impacted coffee farms all over the world and it is getting harder and harder to rely on the dry season to actually be dry.  

Drying the coffee beans on raised tables

We absolutely fell in love with this coffee when we cupped the samples here in Copenhagen. We normally buy two lots from Southern Ethiopia one from Yirgacheffe and one from Guji. But this year we bought two from Guji as we thought the Kirite coffee tasted more like the Yirgacheffe coffees, we have grown to love, than any of the Yirgacheffe lots on the table!

You can expect a very aromatic and delicate coffee. We get all the classic Yirgacheffe aromas like bergamot, peach but also a lot of floral notes. The coffee is quite sweet but still light and with refreshing acidity. GREAT FOR SUMMER.

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