Introducing Kristen Bernikows Gade
From left to right; Clara, Axel, and Stig
13.12.2017Annalisa Mason

A bright red door beckons you from the busy city streets, and once inside you are blanketed by the smell of coffee and the sound of Billie Holliday echoing throughout the space. The walls are painted a muted dark-blue and the candles are always burning. You scope out that perfect corner to catch up with a friend or read the daily newspaper. The mismatch chairs and lamps fit effortlessly in the space and the old photographs, that once adorned the walls of the smokey bar that opened in 1933, are still hanging. As you make your way up to the bar, youare greeted by an attentive barista who wants to tell you more about the variety of options on the menu. You are offered a taste of the nitro kaffe kombucha, and after one sip, every area of your tongue is stimulated. It is alive and sparkling, sweet and sour, bitter but balanced. The old wooden fish that once hung inside the bodega is now used to showcase the range of alcoholic drinks offered here. After considering all options, you decide to enjoy one of the black coffees. The warmth of the space invites you to sit down–even though you have work in twenty minutes– and fill your cup to the brim with a juicy, Kenyan hand-brew. Whether you have two minutes or two hours, we invite you to come find your place inside our new bar on Kristen Bernikows Gade. Just look for the bright red door.

cosy interior.

The bar attempts to provide a common space for both those who want an after-work beer and for those who want an after-work coffee to come together. We also welcome old customers of the bodega to become new customers of specialty coffee while maintaining familiarity in the space.

social gathering space.

Historically, bodegas have been a meeting place for the working class to come together, have a beer, and socialize after work. As traditional bodegas begin to slowly disappear, cafés have evolved and reinstated that social space where Danes meet to catch up with friends and family. Our hope is to preserve the cultural past of this bodega –the first place to serve beer on tap in Denmark– while continuing to provide a social gathering space for all people to enjoy.


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Coffee Collective
Godthåbsvej 34B
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