A Colombian Christmas Coffee | Nolberto
We have found this year's Christmas coffee. Nolberto complements the festive season perfectly with a clean and balanced cup accompanied by a refreshing combination of fruity and floral aromas
View over Tolima, Colombia
19.11.2020Annalisa Mason

Tolima, contrary to Huila, is a fairly new coffee region. Having belonged to FARC for decades, it is first now, that coffee farmers are able to settle down here. Starting fresh, many of the Tolima farmers have been able to customise their coffees to the needs of the consumer. 

Nolberto Olaya's farm seen from above

Nolberto Olaya’s coffee is made in harmony with nature where every living creature takes part in the beautiful cycle on this farm. Starting with his homemade fertiliser made from cascara, fallen leaves containing nitrogen, and ashes from wood and cattle bones. To get things going a bit faster, he add worms and panela from sugar canes to the mixture. 

Nolberto with the fertiliser

Simultaneously, Olaya’s eldest daughter controls the bird life that keeps down the insects, who could ruin the crops. Among others Broca, with its indicative nickname the coffee berry borer. She is an expert in bird life and even has an education in making land hospitable for certain species. This means Olaya can depend on the birds without using chemicals to protect the leaves and cherries.

These initiatives are just a fraction of the impressive eco-friendly processes we have come to know at Nolberto’s farm.

Nolberto Olaya talking about this year's harvest

This is a very balanced and clean coffee with a delicate acidity. The coffee has floral top notes and aromas of grapes, fresh apricot, and nougat. 

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