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This Year's Best Christmas Deals
01.12.2021Annalisa Mason

Last-minute gifts? We got you covered with the perfect gift that arrives within seconds!

Gift a gift card

This card is the ticket to heaven, which gives access to our full menu of freshly roasted beans as well as state-of-the-art coffee equipment! 

With the webshop gift card, the receiver can also grab one of our many courses, an exclusive coffee subscription, and much, much more

Coffee courses

We offer a palette of exciting courses, that takes participants on a journey in the coffee world!

Learn to taste coffee at our cupping course, or to master several filter brewing equipment perfectly, or make the perfect espresso shot along with silky, smooth milk! 

Lastly, we have a new course for you! Bring a friend for a fun night, where we merge the two worlds of coffee and cocktails! 

Gift a coffee subscription

Fresh roasts delivered straight to the door! Subscribers get first access to new harvests, micro-lots, and special roasts! The gift that keeps on giving, with new shipments every 2-weeks or every month straight to the doorstep.

Gift a coffee subscription now! 

All through December, you can enjoy our special deals with great savings. Scroll down to check them out. 

The Kalita Package

The Kalita Package 399,- You save up to 109 kroner! 

This is our preferred brew method when we are going for a silky, clean cup of filter coffee.

The Kalita Wave Steel Dripper 185 is flexible whether you need to brew a single cup of coffee or if you have guests by. Simply place the steel dripper on top of your preferred coffee mug or a suitable glass jug, and you can begin to brew.

The flat bottom gives an even extraction of the coffee and yields up to 500 ml per time.

Along with the Steel Dripper 185 and the appertaining filters, you can choose a bag of beans of your choice amongst our selection of 200 and 250 g bags.

The AeroPress Package

The AeroPress Package 299,- You save up to 64 kroner! 

Rich filter coffee with one press!

The package contains a devoted and simple coffee brewer, the AeroPress. Here you have a coffee brewer that will take up minimal space in your kitchen, and is perfect to bring along on trips and holidays.

On top of the AeroPress, you can choose your favourite beans amongst all 200 and 250 grams of coffee bags.

The Book Package

The Book Package 350,- You save up to 67 kroner! 

A spacious cotton bag in thick and exclusive material.

The natural coloured tote bag has been printed in a head-turner, orange colour in our iconic triangles.

Choose a bag of coffee of your choice amongst the selection of our 200 or 250 g bags.

The December Deal (filter or espresso)

The December Deal 325,- You save up to 124 kroner!

Our December Deal includes four different coffees giving you the chance to taste the diversity in our flavour spectrum. All four bags are whole beans and roasted for filter or espresso brewing.

Choose between the filter or espresso deal

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