Christmas Favourites | A special gift for every taste
We have made things easy for you and gathered some of the best from our selection. All you have to do is choose the gift that you like!
This Year's Favourites
23.11.2022Emma Lindskov

Are you looking for a special gift for a coffee lover? Look no further. We have something for everyone!

Gift a gift card

If you're unsure of what to get or maybe you prefer to let your loved one choose themself, our webshop gift card is the perfect present.

The webshop gift card gives access to our full menu of freshly roasted coffee beans as well as state-of-the-art coffee equipment. The gift card can also be used to book a slot at one of our coffee courses, to sign up for our coffee subscriptions and much, much more.

Coffee courses

Do you know of someone interested in learning more about coffee or fine-tuning their brewing skills? We offer different coffee courses, and you can book a slot as a gift or purchase the abovementioned webshop gift card.

We invite you into our universe. Join us for a coffee tasting, elevate your filter brewing skills and understanding, or learn how to make the perfect espresso along with silky, smooth milk! 

Gift a coffee subscription

A gift that keeps on giving! Our coffee subscriptions will provide the receiver with freshly roasted beans straight to their front door.

Choose between new shipments every 2-weeks or every month. Subscribers get first, and sometimes limited, access to new harvests, micro-lots, and special roasts!  

Gift a coffee subscription now! 

The December Deal - choose bewteen filter or espresso

The December Deal 350,- You save up to 166,-!

With our December Deal, you get four different 250-gram coffee bags and thereby the chance to taste the diversity in our flavour spectrum.

All four bags are whole beans and you can choose between either filter or espresso deal.

The The December Deal - filter coffee: Halo, Kieni, Vista Hermosa and Akmel

The December Deal - espresso coffee: Espresso Blend, Kieni, Vista Hermosa and Akmel

If you are in Copenhagen, throughout all of December, you can get your hands on our Favourite Christmas Packages in all of our coffee shops. All packages can also be purchased on our webshop but be aware - we only ship the Christmas Packages within Denmark!

Scroll down to check the Favourites out and locate your nearest coffee shop here.

The Kalita Wave Steel Dripper

The Hand Brew Packages

The first
Hand Brew Package is a pour-over set at 399,- with a saving up to 132,-.

This package consists of the Kalita Wave Steel Dripper 185, the appertaining filters, and a bag of coffee beans of your choice amongst our selection of 250-gram bags (except for Ghalib).

The pour-over kit is great for the home brewer and is our preferred brewing method when we aim for a very clean, light, and delicate cup of filter coffee. It helps showcase the top notes and complexity of the coffee. 

The flat bottom makes an even extraction easier and it can yield up to 450 ml per brew.

The AeroPress

The second Hand Brew package is our AeroPress kit at 325,- with a saving up to 76,-.

The AeroPress kit contains the popular AeroPress, filters, and a 250-gram coffee bag of your choice (except for Ghalib).

The AeroPress is an easy-to-use, flexible brewer. It's very compact and will take up minimal space in your kitchen and is therefore also a perfect companion on trips and getaways.

The Book Package

The Book Package at 350,- here you save up to 90,-.

This is the perfect gift for a person interested in knowing more about coffee. Dive into chapters about flavour, aromas, and how to taste coffee. Get to know the coffee trading market, the work farmers do and of course; how to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

You will also get to choose a bag of coffee from our selection of 250-gram bags (except for Ghalib)

The Comandante grinder

The Grinder Package at 2000,- You save up to 141,-.

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee really depends on your grinder and truth be told, the Comandante is worth every penny!

The Comandante is one of the best manual grinders on the market. It doesn't take up much space on your kitchen counter and is easy to bring when travelling. 

With this deal, you get the one and only Comandante grinder and a 250-gram coffee bag of your choice (except for Ghalib).

This set makes you all set and ready for brewing the smoothest cup of coffee at home and on the go.

Julekaffe Perez

Last but not least we also have this year's Julekaffe available. This time we have chosen an Ethiopian coffee, Perez as its tasty flavours complement Christmas beautifully.

With Julekaffe Perez you'll get a full-bodied and sweet cup with delicious notes of orange zest, apple, brown sugar and prunes - truly a perfect match for the season!

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