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IncludedEspresso Blend
Daterra Espresso
Buku Espresso
Kieni Espresso

Weight4 x 250 g

Espresso Blend is our signature blend. It is full-bodied, sweet and balanced espresso with creamy body and deep, fruity acid. Aroma of blackcurrant, roasted caramel and praline.

Daterra from Brazil has a full-bodied, low acidity with syrupy sweetness and aroma of pecan and chocolate.

Buku from Ethiopia is a balanced and clean espresso with a creamy body with finely tuned acidity. Peaches, citrus fruit and blackberries in the aroma. Organic.

Kieni from Kenya is a fruit bomb of an espresso with aromas of blackberry, blackcurrant, gooseberry and a rich, oily finish.


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