Gift Subscription

This is a simple, yet special gift for someone who just can’t get enough of freshly roasted beans.

This is a subscription for our popular choice ‘We Surprise You’, where the recipient will receive 3 bags of freshly roasted whole beans, every 4 weeks for 3 months . Each shipment will contain special roasts and exclusive micro lots only available for subscribers.

When you purchase the Gift Subscription, you immediately sign up the person you wish to give the subscription to. Remember to add the recipient's shipping information under “shipping address” and your own information under “billing address”.

Before adding the gift subscription to the cart you will need to choose the start date. This can be edited afterwards under your account if necessary.

Payments will run on Monday where the coffee will shipped on Thursday. You will be charged 3 times in total for the gift subscription.

Please be aware that after 3 shipments the gift subscription will automatically stop and if the recipient wish to continue, they can sign up on our website for a subscription of their own.


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