Kiawamururu - New Direct Trade from Kenya
15.07.2009Annalisa Mason

Thursday August 6th we’re launching our new Direct Trade Kenya AA Top from the Kiawamuru Cooperative Wet Mill. The Mill (or Factory as they call it) is part of the Rumukia Farmers Co-operative Society situated in the Nyeri District.

From 17:00 to 20:00 on August 6th at Jægersborggade we’ll be hosting a small event with talks and pictures a from our trips to Kenya. We’ll be doing two groups: One starting at 17:00 and one again at 18:30. Of course You will also have a chance to taste the New Coffee.

Foothills of Mt. Kenya.

Kiawamururu Factory is located 160 Km from Nairobi and 4.5 Km from Mukurweini town along the Nairobi-Nyeri highway. This area lies at an altitude of 1500 MASL on the fertile foothills of Mt. Kenya and Aberdare ranges slope.

Operational Manager of Kiawamururu Peter Kingori and Chairman of the Kiawamururu factory Patrick Kinyua

We bought this lot directly from the people at Kiawamururu Factory paying them a price more than double the Fair Trade price for the spectacular quality. When Casper test roasted the coffee he had some of the most intense top aromas from first pop he ever had experienced. The Black Current notes were very significant in our early cuppings of this coffee but drop by yourself on the 6th of August to do you own assesment!

Untill then you can read more about our travels to Kenya in Peters report from he’s trip earlier this year here and here.


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