Collective Bakery is open
On Friday, 9th April we invited the first guest into our brand new bakery located on Nørrebrogade 176, just a stone’s throw away from our first coffee shop on Jægersborggade. 
Collective Bakery
13.04.2021Klaus Thomsen

For years it’s been a dream of ours to open a bakery where we could explore baked goods and its companionship with coffee. Our goal has been to create the best coffee shop bakery in the world and lift the quality of our bread and pastry servings to the same high quality as the coffee.

As a core principle, we’ve taken the same approach to source for the bakery as we’ve had with coffee since the beginning: To be in direct relationships with the producers behind the raw material and learn from them in order to become better together.

Collective Bakery's Everyday Sourdough Loaf

Back in October last year we searched for a head baker to lead the project all the way from the beginning, finding a suitable space, buying equipment and making sure the layout was good.

We found the super talented Michael Craig, with a past at some of the best bakeries around Denmark and Sweden, who took on the head baker position and soon thereafter Meagan Murray (formely Juno, Rug and Mirabelle) came on as Head baker assistant.

The bakery team (from left): Nicole, Andrew, Michael, Meagan and Fabiana

Next phase was visiting farmers and millers around Denmark to source the best possible flour and grains.

We found two ideal partners in Kragegården on the island Fyn and Kornby Mølle just north of Copenhagen. We’ve also sourced some fantastic nuts through Warfair, who also helped us find our Yemen coffee, and soon spices will follow through with that fantastic project.

Head baker assistant Meagan Murray visiting Kristian Andersen at Kragengaarden on Fyn

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been delivering our Collective Bakery pastries and buns to the coffee shops (by bike early in the morning) and the feedback has been amazing. This means we have had the time to focus on getting that operation in the works before building the bakery shop. In the meantime, we’ve also worked on a larger menu for the bakery shop.

For our own coffee shops, we’ve started with a focused menu of what we think is a superb croissant, based on local Danish flour and butter, with beautiful layers, a good crunch and a natural aroma. 

We’ve developed the Citronbølge (Lemon Wave) which is made from the croissant trimmings, put on a skewer, proofed and baked, so it gets this beautiful wavy shape. It’s then glazed with a homemade lemon syrup and lemon tea infusion. It’s an amazing balance of sweet, buttery dough and fresh, zesty lemon.  A perfect companion for a cup of aromatic African coffee.  

Citronbølge (Lemon Wave)

Our Kardemommeflet is our take on the cardamom swirl, based on a super nice fluffy dough and made into a braid, folding in the cardamom smear nicely.

The Surdejsbolle is a sourdough bun with flour from Kornby Mølle and a porridge made from leftover bread to add more complexity to the flavour and reduce food waste.

For the super sweet item, we have a Sesame and Raspberry Cookie, with both roasted and unroasted sesame seeds, oats and brown sugar. Hidden inside are some raw organic Danish raspberries which give some fruit and acidity to balance the dark and roasted notes from the sesame.

Kardemommeflet in the making

For the bakery shop exclusively, we’ve expanded that menu with several more items.

Sometimes it takes a foreigner to be able to rethink the most classic Danish items, such as the Tebirkes. The bakers have turned it into a snail, hence the name Birkessnegl in Danish. The remonce filling is to die for and it’s surely an addictive addition to the menu.

Maritozzi are rarely seen in Denmark despite being an Italian classic. Ours is filled with an orange curd with biodynamic Sicilian oranges and a sweet creme chantilly.


Our Chocolate Croissant is made with Friis-Holm chocolate and dusted with our Hot Chocolate mixture on top that is made in collaboration with the same gourmet chocolatier.

Træstamme is another Danish classic, that’s a kids’ favorite. Our version is with marzipan and beautiful green crushed pistachios. 

Baked goods all lined up

Now the shop is open and the first few days have been tremendous. We’ve been selling out way too fast and been busy increasing our production. However, our croissants and pastries take three days from start to finish, so it takes some time to get the amounts right. Thank you to all the Copenhageners who have shown up and giving us so much support.

You can follow the bakery on Instagram @collectivebakerycph for more updates on the menu, opening hours, or if we’re sold out for the day.

Nørrebrogade 176
2200 Copenhagen N
Open weekdays 7-18 and weekends 8-17

Opening day at Collective Bakery

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