Opening of Sankt Hans Torv coffee shop
Today we’ve opened our new coffee shop at Sankt Hans Torv in the heart of Nørrebro.
Modbar at Sankt Hans Torv
25.09.2020Klaus Thomsen

Our 6th coffee shop is located on the corner of Elmegade and Guldbergsgade towards Sankt Hans Torv, in what was formerly Kaffeplantagen. 

We’re featuring a brand new Modbar AV Espresso with integrated Scale and a Steam unit. Two white Mythos One grinders and PuqPress are submerged to make sure they overall sit lower than the Modbar, creating a super open bar area, that allow for great customer and barista interaction and full visibility of what goes on behind the bar.

The brand new Modbar AV is made by La Marzocco in Italy

The design of the place was undertaken primarily of our own co-founder Casper Engel and bar manager Peter Ebdrup. We wanted to create a very light and open space, drawing in the morning and afternoon sunlight, with a distinct Nordic vibe.

Colors and materials have been chosen with great care and attention to both visual aesthetics and sustainability.

First morning of operation

According to the UN one third of the world's carbon emission and resource usages come from buildings and constructions. So in renovating our new location, we set ourselves a goal to use the most sustainable products and methods available in every step possible.

The walls have been covered with clay instead of cement, which is a much more sustainable option when it comes to resource use and carbon footprint. Clay is a completely natural and renewable material that doesn’t need any chemical treatment to be produced. Besides the environmental upside, clay also gives a much better indoor climate, due to its ability to absorb and release humidity and its natural temperature-regulating effect.

Clay wall coming up

The floors are made from re-used, old hand-made “Flensborg” stones that have been taken down somewhere else and laid again with 100% natural and chemical-free lime mortar. 

The bricks are reflected in the gigantic mirror covering the entire bar front, creating an almost illusional effect of a floating bar.

Reflections in the bar

The ceiling has been raised by more than a foot from before, and allowing more light to come through the windows. To improve the acoustics, we’ve made to frames of a bio-friendly acoustic paneling, made entirely from wood.

Furniture is from fellow B Corp Skagarak and soon-to-be B Corp Takt, beside our bespoke carpentry made by the awesome team at Logik & Co, who has been responsible for the build-out. 

Seating area

We’re super happy to have opened in the exact spot, as there’s a bit of history with the place. The former owners, Heine and Henriette, was actually regulars at the coffee shop we, the three founders of Coffee Collective, met at. After coming to the shop regularly they opened up their own shop called Kaffeplantagen in this location, which was one of the first coffee shops in that entire neighborhood. Since then they’ve opened another shop in Vesterbro, and now felt it was time to sell and focus on the other shop. We were ready to take over this amazing corner, and thus the circle came full. 

The corner of Sankt Hans Torv and Elmegade is in our view the perfect coffee spot

Today was our first day and we had hope to open with a big party. However, due to corona restrictions and general recommendations not to gather a crowd, we decided to just open the doors and then put something special on the grinder. 

That’s why we this week have a super limited Espresso roast of the famous Hacienda La Esmeralda award-winning Geisha. You can get it on all espresso-based drinks, but we’d really recommend a straight shot of this extraordinary espresso. 

We look forward to welcoming you at Sankt Hans Torv!

Open Mon-Fri 7.00 – 19.00 and Sat-Sun 8.00 – 18.00

From left to right: Emma, Jon, Peter Ebdrup and Baptiste are part of the Sankt Hans Torv team

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