Denmark vs Sweden vs Norway
13.04.2009Annalisa Mason

We thought we should kicksstart this great week with a battle.

The WBC is just around the corner and the whole coffee community is on its toes for a culinaric marathon in Atlanta. 

I was just in my hometown Göteborg, Sweden and quickly had a chat with headroaster Per at da Matteo.
He gave me some of the coffee he roasts for Swedish champion Mattias Björklund (Daterra Reserve and Beloya). 
And since we roast the coffee for Danish champion Morten Vestenaa  (100 % Idido Aricha), we feel we have to put both in the grinders (separate :) and see what happpens.

We'll try to imitate both baristas techniques to be as true to their intentions as possible.

Who's going to pull the shots ? The two champions are not here, and we could easily start argueing if I would be honest (or just good enough) when pulling a danish shot and viceversa.

In this case we  are happy to have a truely scandinavian crew at our roastery, not just swedes or danes.

We’ll let our norweigan barista Sara Sundby be the very objective shotmaster to keep everybody happy.

So, today, come by and have 2 remarkable espressos side by side. Before everybody else !


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