Meet Mariana Iturralde of Takesi | Special farmer visit at our coffee shops
14.06.2023Signe Hansen

Join us for a special series of events featuring Mariana Iturralde of Finca Takesi, one of the world's greatest farmers. Experience the limited release of Takesi Maragogype and exclusive tastings of Mariana's coffees.

Meet the farmer of Takesi | Pre-release of Maragogype (Aarhus)
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This is your opportunity to participate in a limited tasting event with Mariana Iturralde, the remarkable woman behind Finca Takesi, one of the finest coffee farms in the world.

Join us at our Aarhus coffee shop, where you will have the privilege of sampling an exclusive selection of Takesi coffees. Additionally, you will enjoy early access to Takesi Maragogype before its official launch.

Meet the farmer of Takesi | Free Takesi tasting at our roastery (Copenhagen) 
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Start your day in excellent company with a free tasting at our roastery! This is a unique chance for you to cup some of the best coffee in the world together with the farmer herself, Mariana Iturralde.

Meet the farmer of Takesi | Release of Maragogype (Copenhagen) 
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Open air release tasting of Takesi Maragogype with the farmer herself! This is your chance to meet Mariana Iturralde of Finca Takesi, the finest coffee farm in the world, over a tasting of her extremely limited Maragogype. 

On the day we’re realising the exclusive Takesi Maragogype, Mariana will be having a tasting at our Copenhagen coffee shop, Telefonkiosken, at the heart of Copenhagen. 


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