New Espresso Blend
We’re ready with a new blend!
19.03.2012Klaus Thomsen

About half a year ago Linus spent a month in Brazil and talked to lots of farms, mills and other coffee people. He found quite a lot of interesting coffees, with good help also from our friend Isabela Raposeiras. One really caught our eye with it’s immense sweetness and clean cup. We’ve cupped it several times since then and just love it. It’s called Santa Alina and actually Linus is down there right now again to visit them. He’ll report from his trip once he’s back.

Santa Alina is the pillar of the new espresso blend which consists of:

60% Santa Alina, Brazil
30% Daterra Sweet Collection, Brazil
10% Finca Vista Hermosa, Guatemala

The two Brazils are both pulped natural, of pure red and yellow bourbon varieties. So you can expect a lot of sweetness and quite low acidity. The washed Finca Vista Hermosa is a mixture of varieties contributing with a little acidity to highlight that sweetness.

As always all coffees are bought Direct Trade and the quality of the green coffee allow us to roast it very light. And we’re going lighter with this new blend than before, allowing for even less bitterness.

Our taste descriptors are: Syrupy sweetness and cream-like mouthfeel. Caramel. French Nougat. Hazelnut. Long and round aftertaste. With milk you can expect deep coffee aromas and milk chocolate notes.

Available in our coffee shops and webshop from this week.

We hope you like it!


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