Variety Garden Pack | A unique collaboration with Vista Hermosa
For the second year in a row, we are proud to present you with the Variety Garden Pack. An exclusive selection of single varieties carefully selected to captivate the many layers of coffee
02.12.2022Klaus Thomsen

A box showcasing a series of single coffee varieties has been a dream of ours for a number of years. Together with Finca Vista Hermosa, we can present the Variety Garden for the second year in a row. 

Here’s your chance for a truly unique coffee experience, that unfolds 10 single varieties. 

All of the varieties are grown in the same soil, at the same altitude, and in the same microclimate and they are all washed processed and patio-dried. We’ve also roasted them to the same end degree. Eliminating all other factors this is a distillation of the impact the variety has on the flavour.

Having cupped all 19 varieties for the past years, we have been really excited about experiencing the different flavours and seeing how each of them would perform in a given year. But until now the production has been so small that we couldn’t do a production roast of each. This year, they are finally at a yield, where we have enough to create a limited edition of 125 boxes. All coffees have been roasted on 6th December. 

The box contains 10 jars of 45 g coffee with each variety clearly marked. That’s enough coffee that you can both put up a cupping of all the varieties and still have enough to brew half a litre (or two cups) of each of them to enjoy. Check out our cupping recipe in the video below.

The varieties are Bourbon, Arabica Typica, Costa Rica, Catuai Rojo, Pache Rojo, Pacamara, Caturra Rojo, Catimor Rojo, Maragogype, and Anacafe 14.

We’ve included some more information about the varieties inside the beautiful box, handmade by Hans Knudsen Institutet, which provides everyone of all sizes and backgrounds, with a chance to contribute to the community. 

Set up your own cupping

You will need 11,5 grams of coffee ground on a setting similar for Kalita. Pour in 190 grams of water and let it steep for four minutes before breaking the crust! 

Join our cupping of the Variety Garden

Would you like to get our different coffees delivered directly to your doorstep? We've got you covered.

2 week subscription from:240 DKK / 2 weeks
4 week subscription from:315 DKK / 4 weeks

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