The new crop Yukro is on the shelves
We got up early while it was dark and watched first the most stars we've seen in a long time and then the sun rise. Beautiful way to start a day.
17.09.2013Klaus Thomsen

In our busy busy work week we’ve neglected to inform you all that we now have the fresh crop of Yukro on the shelves. We had hoped to receive the Yukro earlier, but it got delayed at the dry mill for quite some time. Partly because we had some special wishes for the separation and sorting. But we’re happy to have the fresh lot available.

This would also be a good time to read up on our visit to Yukro at the beginning of the harvest. Check out our travel report here.

The fresh lot is really aromatic, reminding of citrus-infused teas, peach, apples and lavender. We’ve roasted it very light and really pushed those aromatics.

Panorama of Yukro wet mill. And lots of drying tables - still waiting to put up the last ones.

Besides 250 g whole beans to bring home Yukro is available per cup brewed on Aeropress at Jægersborggade and Godthåbsvej and Kalita Wave at Torvehallerne. You can also purchase it through our webshop.


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