Pictures from the Latte Art Throwdown
Here’s some pictures we snatched at the Latte Art Throwdown last Saturday. It was a really fun evening and great to see so many other baristas show up. There’s a growing scene of baristas in Copenhagen now and they’re not afraid to compete.
11.02.2014Annalisa Mason

Latte Art Throwdown Feb 8th 2014, a set on Flickr.

You can also check out this blog for some (much better) pictures:

The winner of the Feb’14 LAT : Morten Vestenaa (yes, the former Danish Barista Champion) from The Coffee Collective Godthåbsvej.

Thanks also to Mikkeller for sponsoring beer that ultimately led to a DKK 1.200 prize for Morten to take home.

See you next time. Keep the latte art flowing!


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