Coffee tellings from Yemen
After decades of turmoil, Yemen has since 2014 been in a devastating civil war causing tens of thousands of casualties and millions of refugees. A remarkable team effort takes place when helping farmers make Yemeni coffee available for our guests and customers at Coffee Collective
The name of the Yemeni coffee, Lahab, refers to the area in Western Haraz where the coffee is sourced from a group of local farmers.
28.09.2022Emma Lindskov

Our newest Yemeni coffee, Lahab, is ready to launch this Friday and we are super excited to be once again able to support the vital work of The Yemen Journey and Warfair by importing this delicious coffee.

Lahab is sweet and refreshing with fruity aromas

Lahab makes for a refreshingly fruity and vinous coffee with a nice balancing sweetness. In the cup, you will find aromas of cacao, green grapes, honey and kiwi.

Christian Friis Bach will be in attendance as we launch Lahab on Friday 30th September. We will host an exclusive tasting with Christian in our new coffee shop in Carlsberg Byen from 15-16. 

Here, you will be able to taste the unique notes of Yemen while learning more about the coffee and the remarkable work of Warfair. 

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Coffee growing in Yemen has never undergone homogenization therefore original strains of the Arabica plant have evolved in remote pockets of the mountain highlands where local varieties are among the oldest genotypes still grown in the world

Giving stability to Yemeni farmers

Yemen is one of the most fragile countries in the world with continued conflict, political instability and widespread corruption. 

Lahab is produced by the farmers at Mocha Mill – a Yemeni coffee company committed to producing the highest quality of speciality coffee while following practices that serve people and the planet. Their focus is especially on creating employment, also for women, and promoting sustainability.

Our work with the farmers and the development of our Yemeni coffee has undoubtedly been unlike any of our other coffee adventures. Usually, we take great pride in creating close relationships with local coffee farmers but the Yemen tale is a bit different.
Due to the current situation, we have not been able to visit the farm and this journey has only been possible in close collaboration with the people behind The Yemen Journey and Warfair.

Beautiful red coffee cherries grown in the highlands of Yemen

The Yemen Journey

The coffee from Yemen came from a project initiated by The Yemen Journey – a Yemeni-located company founded by a Danish woman, Siris Hartkorn and her husband Nabil Al Sharafi. Their company is dedicated to connecting Yemen to the rest of the world by sourcing unique handmade products from farmers in all of Yemen.

Some years ago they started a remarkable security company called Safer Yemen where they use intelligence-based and more sustainable approaches to provide security rather than the use of weapons and armoured vehicles.


Later on, The Yemen Journey teamed up with Christian Friis Bach – the former Danish Minister of Foreign Development and former secretary general of the Danish Refugee Council. He founded a Danish company called Warfair with the purpose of getting companies to do business with war-torn countries like Yemen, Afghanistan and Somalia.

The Yemen Journey sources the coffee in the isolated regions, and Warfair helps set up the export, import and financial transactions. In the end, we roast the coffee at our roastery in Copenhagen and sell the coffee from here.

Read more about The Yemen Journey here and Warfair here

Lahab is from the variety Arabica Ja’adi and it is grown at an altitude around 1700-2000 m.

Lahab is launching this Friday 30th September.

We are excited to invite you to our newest coffee shop in Carlsberg Byen where the founder of Warfair, Christian Friis Bach attend a talk about his admirable work.

Make sure to join our tasting event at Carlsberg Byen!

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