Achieving Net Zero | A commitment to our future
Today at COP25 in Madrid, more than 500 B Corporations globally are joining forces and pledging to become net-zero by 2030. Never before have this many businesses come together as a community in taking action to help fight climate change
Working towards a net-zero corporation
11.12.2019Coffee Collective

The fact is clear; climate change is happening. And the prospects of turning it around seem very unlikely if we don’t take action as a community. 
In the coffee industry, it is no secret, that coffee farmers are afflicted by climate change. The yield decreases as does the market price for green beans. Some experts even predict good coffee to be extinct produce in the future, if no changes are made. 
As science shows emissions are still going up and not down, and the window of opportunity is growing smaller. Therefore, the majority of the world’s nations pledged to the Paris Agreement which states to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. 

Is this a step in the right direction? Sure, but judging by the speed of increase in temperatures, the clock is ticking and 2050 is very far away. So, the question is, can’t we do better than this? 
If you ask the B Corp family, the answer is yes! It is therefore with a lump in the throat we are announcing the news today. News that is a significant milestone in the history of fighting climate change as a community.

We are proud to announce, that Coffee Collective among more than 500 other B Corps has pledged to accelerate the reduction of GHG greenhouse gas emissions which will lead to net-zero by no later than 2030!  

CEO of Coffee Collective stresses the importance of rushing net-zero:

We’re gambling with the climatic balance in nature that we as humans depend on. We see GHG emissions increase every year, steadily heating the world and increasing the risk of passing a point-of-no-return.
Peter N. Dupont, CEO and co-founder of Coffee Collective
Founders of Coffee Collective (from left: Klaus Thomsen, Casper Rasmussen and Peter N. Dupont)

Collaborating on reaching net-zero by 2030 is a strong message to send to the world, and we truly believe that more people will join forces and act now. But we also believe we should all look at ourselves to see if we can do better! We actually think we have to, and that it is our responsibility to set an ambitious goal as we can to take responsibility now. 

So, as proud as we are to be part of the 500 corporations dedicating to become carbon neutral by 2030, we have decided to set the goal for ourselves to reach net-zero by 2022!

In 2013 we managed to reduce the carbon emissions from a cup of coffee by 40%

It’s been in the DNA of Coffee Collective since day one to make a change for the better. We actually began our journey towards net-zero carbon emissions 7 years ago; when you look closely at the carbon footprint for a cup of coffee, from seed to cup, the carbon emissions are actually the highest in the coffee shop when brewing your coffee. We felt the urge to reduce these emissions in our coffee shops, and by 2013 it was down with 40 percent.
In addition to our current initiatives, Copenhagen University is making an analysis of our current emissions and prospects according to the GHG Protocol. This way we can develop a plan to reach net-zero based on science. 
Simultaneously we have established a Green Group. This is a group of employees in Coffee Collective from different departments of our business. Each of them is in some way or another committed to the field of sustainability. Our Green Group will be instrumental for us in our efforts to both reduce our GHG emissions and to find effective ways of creating Carbon sinks to reach net-zero. 
We are extremely excited to become net-zero by 2022 and look forward to sharing our next initiative with you in fighting climate change. At the beginning of the next year, we are publishing our findings in the annual Sustainability Report, until then, you can get an overview of our efforts in our most recent report

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