Sustainability Report 2019
05.04.2019Peter Dupont

This is the second year in a row, we have published our Sustainability Report. We see it as a way to strive to become more sustainable through our actions, and hopefully, inspire others to do the same. Co-founder, Peter Dupont will shortly present the thoughts behind this year’s report.

Co-founder Peter Dupont

>> I definitely see a development from last year’s Sustainability Report, both in the coffee industry as well as in our society in general. The warmer weather we experienced previous summer has helped to establish a focus on the climate debate and sustainability. This is a debate which heated up in Denmark and other Nordic countries in pace with the dry and warm weather as farmers lost a great deal of money on the drought last year. At the same time around the world, there were terrible and deadly wildfires.

Likewise, the record low market price for coffee in 2018 became a warning bell; it made it clear, that if we’re not actively doing something to make a change in our end of the world, to secure the coffee farmers a higher price for their product, it will be the end of good coffee as we know it, since it will only be profitable to grow the low quality Robusta.

Despite seeing specialty coffee shops popping up around Copenhagen and a growing interest in exciting coffee concepts, the price paid to farmers keep dropping. This is a development we find absurd and paradoxical.

When launching the report last year, we got a really good response, and I hope this report will help to give things a nudge in a more sustainable direction. We see our Sustainability Report as an indicator that helps us become more and more sustainable in every aspect of our company. <<

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