Sustainability Report 2018
We believe that as a company we must strive for sustainability in order to succeed.
Sustainability Report 2018
25.06.2018Annalisa Mason

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We believe that as a company we must strive for sustainability in order to succeed. However, at the same time, we believe that sustainability is an ideal that is difficult to claim one has reached. In reality, only time can tell if one’s actions really have been sustainable.

At The Coffee Collective we strive to continuously improve our sustainability and recognize that it is more of a journey we are on than a state we will ever reach. Therefore, we operationalize sustainability by looking at our development as a business and how economic, social and environmental dimensions of our actions are improving over time. So while we might have a vision about sustainability, our measurable goal is to progress towards more sustainable direction i.e. have sustainable development.

We believe that in order to monitor and manage our sustainable development we need to look at how the three dimensions of sustainable development interact and in which way can we find a balance.

In order to facilitate this, we have chosen to expand our accountable framework to encompass the three dimensions of Sustainable Development – economic, social and environmental terms. Since the beginning of The Coffee Collective we have been keeping close track of our economic development, but tracking our performance in social and environmental aspects is new for us.

We made the first draft of our sustainability report last year, in order to gather experiences and to better understand what would be relevant to publish.

This year is the first time we publish our Sustainability Report. We do not see it as a finished format, but something to improve over time. All suggestions for improvement will be gladly received on


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