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Our work in sustainability has been central to us from day one. It is deeply incorporated in our core values, that we wish to make a change in the world for the better through our trade with coffee, bringing more values to farmers and create some beautiful and meaningful experiences for customers at the other end. Now, we are proud to announce we have taken the next step and achieved the B Corporation Certification.
Certified B Corporation
08.11.2019Peter Dupont

To B

We work with producers in Third World countries where our money matter. We have put a lot of work into being front runners on transparency in the way we trade and the price we pay. And it’s been rewarding to see that some of these relationships still continue to grow after 12 years. The B Corp Certification is an extension of this work.

So, what does it actually mean to be a certified B Corp? Basically, it is a certification that looks at the company from A to Z and evaluates all aspects of how we impact the world around us. Companies are examined across different dimensions such as environment, employees, community, customers, and governance. For us, one of the greatest differences between this and other certifications is that it’s not just on the product level, but it looks at the business as a whole.

B Corps use business for good - not just profit - and work toward a global cultural shift in how we define success in business and build a more sustainable economy. By harnessing the power of business, B Corps use profits and growth as a means to a greater end; positive impact for their employees, communities, and the environment. We believe that the challenges facing the world today are not solved solely by governments and non-profit organisations, but that companies have to be part of the solution as well. 

While the understanding of B Corp is still taking root in Denmark, for a number of years, it has created a lot of awareness abroad. We’re proud to join companies such as Patagonia, TOMS footwear, Eileen Fisher, Klean Kanteen, Stonyfield Organic, and our partners in Colombia, Caravela, who have been B Corps for years and set the bar high. 

In essence, B Corp is a force for the greater good and is an excellent example of how running a profitable business and having a good purpose goes hand-in-hand. If you are certified and part of the B Corp community, you meet the highest standards of beneficial performance in society. 

Our co-founders, Peter N. Dupont and Klaus Thomsen talk about the new certification


When it comes to the actual certification the company goes through a detailed assessment of over 200 questions. Many of these questions will cover several aspects of sustainability. For us, it’s been amazing to have this holistic, 360-degree view of our organisation. Numerous of the questions we’ve already handled in our annual Sustainability Report or via our Union Agreement for baristas. But there has also been a lot of areas, where we’ve already improved or seen room for improvement. 

The B Corp certification has also meant that we’ve officially written into our company bylaws that part of our purpose is to “have a positive impact on our society and the environment in general” as well as legally binding us to take into consideration how each of our decisions leave an impact on employees, suppliers, communities, and society in general, environment both locally and globally and make sure we leave a positive impact.

But most importantly for us, we see the B Corp assessment, as an opportunity for us to improve and do even better in the future. The assessment is a fantastic tool to re-evaluate many aspects of our business and advance our efforts in sustainability. So as proud as we are to be certified today, we’re even prouder about being part of the change tomorrow. 

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