The pastries to your coffee
The most important and basic elements of our coffee shops are that the coffee is the focal point in the experiences we convey to our guests. Our focus on coffee is exactly what has driven us to make a range of beautifully delicate pastries to complement the great coffee experiences our baristas make in our shops every day.
22.02.2022Klaus Thomsen

It is with this main objective in mind that our bakers from Collective Bakery have developed different pastries and bread for our guests to enjoy in the coffee shops by offering a great selection of baked goods that complement the flavours you can taste in our freshly grounded beans.

On the menu

Our menu has been developed in the spirit of great coffee and made to be paired with one of our beverages. It is available at your local Coffee Collective shop.

Assortment from the bakery

The wave (Bølgen)

The texture of "Bølgen” is characterized by the crispy and flaky layers and its wavy shape. It is glazed with a homemade lemon syrup and lemon tea infusion which gives the lightly sweet dough a fresh and sour kick. A perfect companion for a cup of aromatic African coffee. 

Cardamom braid (Kademommeflet) 

The "Kardemommeflet" is our baker’s take on the cardamom braid. The fluffy dough is combined with cardamom which gives spice and warmth to the sweet bun and is tossed in a bit of sugar to give it a mild crunchy feel.

Sourdough bun with butter and cheese (Surdejsbolle med vesterhavsost)

The sourdough bun has a slightly chewy texture and a tangy feel. The bun is paired with a cheese that provides a good counterplay with its sweet creaminess and light crispy crystals. Always a great addition to your morning coffee. 


Our cookie is a great sweet alternative to enjoy with your beverage. The flavour profile of our cookies varies between the seasons as our bakers develop exciting new combinations. It is currently a fusion of blue poppy seeds and lemon which gives the chewy cookies a nice crispy feel and a refreshing zesty spike to the sweet cookie base. 


With beautiful flaky layers and balanced sweetness, is our croissant a coffee shop essential. With a soft texture, a crunchy shell, and a light buttery flavour profile is the croissant a perfect match for any coffee, especially a cup with present floral aromas and clean acidity.  

The lemon wave

Our range of baked goods is a tailored supplement to highlight the palate of aromas in the cup – nothing more, nothing less.


Would you like to get our different coffees delivered directly to your doorstep? We've got you covered.

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