Danish Aeropress Championship
Last Sunday we hosted the 2015 Danish Aeropress Championship.
27.02.2015Klaus Thomsen

It was a blast to see so many people here at our roastery and especially all the competing baristas.

Our friend Phillip Jørgensen, who beside making films is also a baristas at Cafe Det Vide Hus, made this video for us to capture the event. Enjoy – and please go to Vimeo to enjoy it in Full Screen HD quality.

Danish Aeropress Championship, 2015.

The competitors were:

Allan Juhl – Risteriet
Andreas Rosendal Hayden – Det Vide Hus
Signe Holm Pedersen – The Coffee Collective
Callum Hare – The Coffee Collective
Esben Piper – La Cabra
Jonas Christensen – Odense
Nobuaki Matsui – Democratic
Mathias Højer Frydkjær – Behag Din Smag
Mikkel Selmer – La Cabra
Olivia Maria Jensen – The Barn
Omar Maagaard Hossain – The Coffee Collective
Patrick Alexander Hansen – Baresso
Rasmus Wibæk Christensen – København
Rasmus Gamrath – The Coffee Collective
Linn Malnacs – Lillebror
Hans Kristian Andersen – CPH Coffee Lab

After som intense aeropressing the winners were:

1. Hans Kristian Andersen – CPH Coffee Lab
2. Jonas Christensen – Odense
3. Rasmus Wibæk Christensen – København

Here are the Finalists’ recipes:

Hans Kristian Andersen
· 16 g coffee
· Pretty coarse grind on EK43
· 1 filter
· 220 g water
· 2 minutes steep time. Stir after 1:35
· Push in approx 30 seconds
· Do something so things doesn’t get akward
· Pour very slow from a kalita server
· Take a trip to Seattle

Jonas Christensen, Odense
· 17,2 g coffee
· Filter/medium grind on EK43
· Filter rinsed with water
· 50 g water at 85 degrees C
· 30 seconds bloom
· Stir 3 times
· 200 g water at 82 degrees C
· 30 seconds steep
· Stir quickly 3 times.
· Press for 60 seconds.

Ramus Wibæk Christensen
· Sort and select the best beans by removing ears, quakers, damaged and very small beans
· Heat up the Aeropress and pouring kettle
· Grind 18g coffee on the EK43 grinder step 13, anticipating 2g of fines
· Use a Bodum gold filter or similar to remove the fines
· Shake and blow to remove chaff
· Pour out the water from the kettle and Aeropress
· Fill the kettle with 93 degree 30ppm RO filtered water
· Add 16g coffee to the Aeropress
· Start timer and pour 230g 90 degree water over the beans
· Take a moment to enjoy the smell and the Copenhagen hipsters around you
· Break the crust formation by 2-3 gentle stirs
· Put the S-filter from Kaffeologie in filter holder
· After 1m screw the cap on the Aeropress, turn the Aeropress around and onto a server.
· After 1m and 20s press the plunger gently down until 2m.
· Leave a little coffee in the Aeropress
· Cool down the coffee in the server under running cold water to about 55 degrees and serve for the judged or even better to yourself.

Hans Kristian Andersen will go to Seattle to represent Denmark in the World Aeropress Championship (WAC) in April with flights paid by us (The Coffee Collective) and Øristeriet. We wish him the best of luck and hope Denmark again will win the WAC!


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