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This is the most exciting time of the year for tasting coffees, as fresh crops arrive from all over the world.
Don Nacho's wet mill. Honey processed coffee on the drying tables.
29.06.2015Klaus Thomsen

This week we’ve sent out a lot of new coffees, so here’s an overview for you. The two El Salvador lots will be out next week.

New arrivals:

Kieni AA
Tegu AA
Esmeralda Special Geisha auction lot
Don Nacho Pacas
Don Nacho Pacamara

Espresso 1 is back in a new version!
Kieni Espresso is also back and this year from a special Semi-Washed lot
Espresso 2 has been adjusted with fresh crop Kieni AB and new roast profiles.

A bit more information about each coffee:

Kieni, Mugaga Society, Nyeri, Kenya
Fresh and fruity with black currant and blackberries in the aroma balanced by a marzipan-like sweetness.

The Kieni wet mill is part of the Mugaga society and managed Charles Mwai Ihatu We’ve visited and bought from them every year since 2010 and continue to be impressed with their very high quality. This AA lot is of SL28 and SL34 varieties and was harvested in November 2014. At the mill the coffee is depulped and fermented in two sets of tanks with an intermediate washing after approximately 10 hours. It is then washed with clean water before it’s carefully dried on raised beds. We roast this coffee light to accentuate the flavours that are developed on the farm.

Tegu, Tekangu Society, Nyeri, Kenya
Black currant and gooseberries in the aromas with a deep sweetness and full body. Long fruity aftertaste.

We’ve known and visited the Tegu wet mill for a number of years, but this is our first time buying from them. Their coffee has always been outstanding and we’re proud to present it to you. The factory, as wet mills are called in Kenya, is managed by Michael Mwangi. Here, the fresh picked coffee cherries are delivered and then processed by the washed method. To highlight the fruit and lively acidity we’ve roasted this coffee with a fast and light profile.
La Esmeralda Special Geisha, Noria Pascua lot, Boquete, Panama 
Intense, fresh and floral aroma of jasmine, citrus and bergamot. Honey sweet and lively acidity with a light creamy mouthfeel.

This is probably the wildest, most aromatic coffee in the world. At Hacienda La Esmeralda the Petersons grow the variety Geisha, which has an amazingly intense floral aroma. The coffee cherries are depulped and mechanically de-mucilaged. We’ve paid $41,50/lbs on auction, which is 25 times higher than market price. This lot was hand picked in April 2015. We’ve roasted it very light in small batches, bringing out the freshness and vivid aromas as much as possible.

Don Nacho, PACAS, Chalatenango, El Salvador 
Heavy, full bodied structure. Almonds and wood sorrel.

Don Nacho is Ignacio Gutierrez’s nickname. He’s won the Cup of Excellence three times and invested the price money back into his farm and bought more land. He has three lots on the same road between 1400 and 1600 masl. This lot of just 4 bags (240 kg) is of the variety Pacas, which was first discovered in El Salvador in 1949. It’s Honey processed, which means that the pulp is removed and the beans are dried directly thereafter without fermentation.

Don Nacho, PACAMARA, Chalatenango, El Salvador
Creamy and buttery with a good acidity. Sweet grapes and rose hips.

Don Nacho is Ignacio Gutierrez’s nickname. He’s won the Cup of Excellence three times and invested the price money back into his farm and bought more land. He has three lots on the same road between 1400 and 1600 masl. This lot of just 1 bag (60 kg) is of the variety Pacamara, which is a hybrid of Pacas and Maragogype, yielding very large beans. It’s Honey processed.

Espresso 1
Intensely aromatic espresso with floral topnotes, juicy acidity and fruity aftertaste.

60 % El Desarollo, Colombia, 40 % Kieni AA, Kenya
This it our take on a completely wild, aromatic and juicy espresso. With this blend we let ourselves go a little crazy in order to create the best espresso ever. Roasted with a light espresso profile so that the flavors and fruity tastes really come into play.

Espresso 2
Sweet and balanced espresso with a full body and notes of butterscotch and chocolate in the aftertaste.

60% Daterra Sweet Collection, Brazil, 25 % Daterra Full Bloom Natural Process, Brazil, 15 % Yukro Natural, Ethiopia
Espresso 2 is composed of coffee from two producers that we buy directly from. With this version of the blend, we’ve gone for more body and bigger mouthfeel, with lots of sweetness. We have roasted these coffees individually with a medium-dark espresso profile, to create optimal balance between flavors, sweetness and acidity.

Kieni Espresso, Nyeri, Kenya
Espresso fruit bomb with fully ripe black currants, fresh raspberries and a full bodied, oily finish.

Espresso roast of the AA coffee from Kieni, whom we’ve visited and bought from every year since 2010. This lot is of the SL28 and SL34 varieties and hand picked in November 2014. Together with Kieni we’ve processed this lot as semi-washed. It develops the aromas and clean cup profile, but with less acidity – perfect for espresso. The quality merits that we’ve paid 241% above market price ($5.93/lbs FOB). We have roasted this version of Kieni with a different roast profile, slightly longer, bringing out the body and aromatics extremely well when brewed as espresso.


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