Attentiveness is the Key to Making One of the World's Best Coffees
The exceptional focus and attention to detail at Hacienda La Esmeralda are some of the things that makes this coffee outstanding
28.05.2019Signe Hansen

Making One of the World’s Best Coffees

"Despite this being on of the most famous coffees in the world, the production reminds me of a charming and traditional family farm."

This is how CEO and manager of green bean sourcing, Peter Dupont initially describes the farm, Hacienda La Esmeralda, which he visits from time to time.

The Peterson family live in Palmira in the Boquete region. Right across the road from their house is their coffee farm with their mills and cupping lab. Even though the farm is located on the other side of the North Atlantic Ocean, we see a clear resemblance to the way their farm is structured in Panama as to how it would be in Scandinavia, revealing the family’s Swedish roots.

Co-owner, Rachel Peterson helps at the mill

Given the owners are a part of every little step in the production, they improve and lift the quality along the way, creating one of the best coffees we have tasted.

For the past 10 years during this incredible blooming season, you have been able to find this coffee in our coffee shops. The aromas are exceptional floral resembling the intense flowery notes filling the air these days. You may have noticed the jasmine in full bloom now, which has a characteristic sweet yet fresh scent, like the notes we find in the Esmeralda.


Come June we’ll be attending World of Coffee 2019 in Berlin. Rachel Peterson from Hacienda La Esmeralda is joining us to Berlin with a suitcase full of coffee. The Coffee Collective has been collaborating with Esmeralda for the past decade, and have sample roasted all the individual auction lots for this year.

This is your chance to taste them all and chat with Rachel about the production. The event is free, so bring your colleague, but come early as we’ll close the doors when full. 

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